To Order Your Platter Or Even Make One #FamilyLife

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Catering for parties or functions is not each and every person's forte. Many people are actually not capable or organizing as well as making a platter for 2, never mind for more than that. For this reason there is also a choice of purchasing the necessary platter or two. Listed here are the advantages and disadvantages of both choices.

Make your own platter

If you're able to do this, this is a great option. Making a platter doesn't really take much time. You just need to stick some Vienna sausages and blocks of cheese onto toothpicks and construct a few sandwiches that you cut into quarters. You could also roast some chicken and pt that on the platter as well. You are able to pretty much put anything at all you like on to a platter that you make yourself. You aren't restricted to what the catering companies will give you. The downside is that it does take some time and if you have to do more than one or two platters you will probably find that you are investing considerable time making the platters and you could have saved that time by ordering them instead. It will tend to be cheaper to make your own platters though because the catering services tend to put a significant mark up on the items.

Purchasing the platters

This is an excellent choice if you want a lot more than 2 or 3 platters. A catering company can make them much faster than you are able to as they have a lot more workers and much more stock. Which means that you will end up saving lots of time. Regrettably the catering services really do need to earn profits and so will put a significant mark up on their platters. This means that it will be more costly to purchase platters than to make them. you just need to choose which is more valuable, your time or your money. Be aware that the time you don't invest making platters will be spent working as well as earning serious cash. You also will need to make your selection of platters form the ones that the catering service has on offer. You won't have the ability to construct your own platters unless you are prepared to pay extra for that privilege.

As you can tell, there are definite advantages and disadvantage to buy and also to producing platters for functions. The decision may ultimately come down to a few important aspects. These factors are specifically money and time. If you possess the time to result in the platters and also the need to save just as much cash as possible, then making them yourself will be the smartest choice. If you earn much more per hour than it would cost you to have the platters purchased then it is better to order the platters as well as work the amount of time that it would have taken you to make them to compensate yourself for the cost of the actual platters. It's your choice. Just be sure that you examine all of the possible paths and choose the most affordable one for your individual scenario.

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Learn How Leadership Development Can Help You Become A Successful Person #FamilyLife

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Leadership Development is anything that we do in a planned and repetitive practice to build or develop leadership skills and traits. The overall purpose is to improve the quality of leadership and enhance leadership effectiveness. This includes formal training at the graduate or undergraduate level, specific programs developed by organizations, courses implemented in corporate environments or military and law enforcement training.

These programs are designed to focus on those qualities in an individual or team that are proven to reflect strong leadership. Courses like this will build and hone those skills in an effort to produce a more effective and efficient leader.

Many qualities in an individual lend themselves well toward good leadership. Some people are born with strong skills and traits that make them natural born leaders but time and testing has discovered that most leadership skills can be learned and developed in anyone who is willing to take the time and make the effort to learn and practice.

As usual, the first step in developing any learned skill is education. Once we know and fully understand what makes a competent leader, it makes the process that much easier. There is a wide variety of study courses designed to help us do this. The most important part of developing strong leadership however, is dependent upon the action we take and effort that is put toward putting this knowledge into practice. Knowing and doing are two widely different things. Developing true leadership requires sustained action until the techniques become habit.

How successful an individual can become in leadership roles is dependent upon those persons learning abilities, the teacher or source of the information and the environment that the student will learn and practice the techniques. The rate at which one can become effectively trained as a leader will also depend on many of the individuals existing skills and behavioral attributes. Some of the more prominent traits that lend themselves well to leadership learning are self-confidence (not to be confused with arrogance,) self esteem (not to be confused with conceit,) communication skills, positive attitude and self-discipline.

The most effective leadership programs will be the ones that focus on sustained efforts over a long period and a broad scope of developmental training. They will focus on applied learning through taking action and actually practicing and monitoring the growth in real world scenarios. Since leadership deals primarily with your effectiveness in working with real people and real situations, confining your learning to classroom can only produce limited results.

Good leadership training will allow the individual to put his or her skills to test in real environments where leadership is truly needed and beneficial. Situations that work best are ones that require a leader to rely on communication, taking responsibilities, developing effective plans to reach specific goals, taking action, providing motivation and achieving real world results.

Sometimes the best training is simply filling the role and applying a proactive approach to learning and applying the best practices. It is up to you to acquire the training or practice that you need to develop yourself into a great leader. Learn everything that you can and practice what you learn often.

Source: Chris Yarbrough
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