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What is the correct way of attempting to get your ex back? It's a difficult issue, and one which leaves even the brightest among us scratching our heads. We have to start by thinking about the accident which brought about the separation. When we've done that, we need to decide on our reasoning for the decision we want to get back together with our ex. Breakups don't transpire without a reason, and there's a chance it's just not meant to be. For all that, if something inside you makes you assertive that you are supposed to be together then please read on.

Last time around things didn't go too well with you and your ex. Is there anything to suggest that the relationship would be different if you made up at this juncture? It's not likely that you'll do well together unless you learn to compromise with each other. Have you both matured, or are you still very much the same people as before? More importantly, is your ex as ready to give it another attempt as yourself? Except that we make assessments in all these regards we won't make any progress.

In the plainest of words, it is not becoming to go after a person who is no longer interested in you. Certainly it can be a hard try to think clearly immediately following a breakup it isn't a task you can't achieve. Please don't forget just how fundamental it is to valuate your ex lover's willingness to reconcile. If it looks as if you really don't have any chance at all then save yourself any added despair and just move on. This is a process you cannot contract to happen, regardless of how badly you may spoil for it.

Is it simply nostalgia, or are you actually seeing the reality of what the marriage was like? Try to think back clearly, in the void of any fog cast by emotion. We oftentimes imagine that things were easily better than they genuinely were. Getting your ex back can be a strenuous mission even under the most fitting circumstances, so it makes sense to size up if the final outcome genuinely make good your efforts.

Many human beings find it unbearable how badly they miss their ex partner after a separation. Rather than be a sucker of this emotional inner-storm you had better arrest command of it. It matters not what you determine ultimately, merely take your time as you enact it. Give time so you might be satisfied reason is the foundation of your behavior. How essential is your former spouse to you specifically? How essential was the crisis which brought about the split? You may comfortably adjudge that it is right to walk away.

Be as calm as attainable. Enabling oneself to get anxious will purely draw you to cook up worse decisions. Your happiness is evidently exceedingly concurrently linked to your actions at this period, so designate your decisions warily.

Source: Franklin Crimson

Really Men and Women Are Created Equal in Exercises and Sports? #FamilyLife


Really Men and Women Are Created Equal in Exercises and Sports?

If men and women are essentially equal, can they take up the same sports? Can they participate in the same exercise regimens? Can they fill in their leisure hours with the same recreational activities?

They can, and they should. Women are taking up weight training, to name one example. Women are learning that bodily strength need not necessarily mean bulging biceps and triceps, and that they can be strong and healthy as a result of exercise and athletic endeavor – while also looking and feeling – more graceful and attractive.

Increasingly, women are taking up exercise programs; indeed, many more women than men of comparable ages are going into sports activities. And, they are developing the exercise and sports-recreation programs that best suit their temperament and tastes. Jogging is only one of many possible answers.

There are some physiological differences between men and women that are of special relevance in a recreational or fitness program. For example, women are more flexible than men at all ages. Also, women normally carry a somewhat greater percentage of fat than men. For that reason, among others, women do not so readily develop the muscle bulges than male weight lifters have.

Women have heart rates that are five to ten beats per minute faster than those for men. This finding is interesting in view of the fact that before puberty girls and boys do not differ substantially in terms of maximum oxygen consumption. It prompts the question of whether or not women’s heart rates are culturally conditioned. Are they more rapid than those of men because of the traditions that have long forced different patterns of exercise and other behavior for girls and women? That question has not yet been answered.

Some other differences may be mentioned. The working capacity of the average woman in the post-puberty years has been found to be about 85 per cent of that of the average man of comparable age. That effect comes about because of the woman’s smaller heart muscle size and strength capacity. Thus women generally find that while exercising their pulse rates rise more rapidly and to higher levels than those of men.

It follows that if men and women can take part in the same exercises and sports, they can also take part in the same competitive activities, whether athletic or of some other kind. However, consideration should be given to the physiological differences between the sexes, including the different heart rates. Testing conducted in a physician’s office, laboratory, or clinic should follow the same procedures as for men. Training effects should be sought by the same means. And the same pre-competition protocols that apply to men apply to women.

Some authorities maintain that women are assuming unnecessary and perhaps serious risks when they take part in competitive activities or sports that involve heavy body contact. The risks center in the breast area, where bruises and contusions can do permanent, painful damage.

But physicians see little difference between the sexes with respect to the desirability of engaging in non-contact activities. Girls and boys, men and women, have nearly equal capacity for competitive sports and games – aside from the limitations noted – and can enjoy such activities equally.

What do you think?

The Realities Of Life #FamilyLife


The Realities Of Life #FamilyLife

For many people, much of life consists of trying to keep a balance, as though they are fighting to keep on their feet amidst a vast crowd of people who are pushing and shoving them around. It seems that life demands we become professional jugglers. We want to do our jobs well, to bring up our children well. To romance our loved ones, to spend time with friends, time with our family and time with ourselves. In this complicated world that we have created, we also want to take care of our homes, our cars, our bodies, our heads, our hearts, our souls. We also want to play sports, enjoy hobbies and nurture outside interests. We want all of this, and as if this wasn't enough – to complicate matters further – we want on top of it all, more money, more power, more recognition, more possessions, more of everything. The trouble is we can't have it. And we can't have it for the simple reason that we don't have the time. And even if we did, once we fulfill one desire, another one crops up, and the demands on our time and energy don't match. No matter how hard we try, we simply are not able, in the time at our disposal, to satisfy all the demands our desires make on our minds.

Balancing our act

To make our lives meaningful we have to be clear therefore about what is valuable to us. We have to take a good look at our priorities. We are striving for balance, but balance, like other admirable traits, is hard to achieve. Balance means recognizing out of our many interests what our real needs are, and then rearranging our priorities to reflect those needs. This usually involves letting go of some of our tightly held pursuits and attachments, and for this we have to be prepared to ask ourselves some tough questions. But it is worth asking them because balance is essential to achieving self-realization; and without knowing who we are, we cannot go very far in life.

Society tells us that having balance is about having a spouse, children, a house, a couple of cars, a good job, hobbies, being involved with our places of worship and civic activities, keeping physically fit – the list goes on. True balance has little to do with all these things because they are all outside us, and true balance is a state within. Balancing the externals of life is fine for someone who is content with life at the surface. But for many people this is not enough. They want to be free from their limitations, free from being owned by their possessions, free from the craziness, disappointments and frustrations of life at this level. They are interested in waking up to what life really is, not in creating more illusions.

Only if we wake up will we know what it means to be alive. For the most part, we don't live, we just exist. Consider that in the meager lifetime we have been allotted (according to recent statistics) we will spend six months at traffic light waiting for them to change, one year looking through desk clutter for things we have misplaced, two years calling people who aren't in or whose lines are busy, five years waiting in lines and three more sitting in meetings. That's a lot of time being drained away from us. It is not just time we are running out of, it is the opportunity to make the best of our lives, to experience who we are and know what we really want.

How we spend our time and what we do with it is very important. It is because we mistakenly believe that to be happy and lead a balanced life we need all these outside things that we complicate our lives. But it need not be that way. There are other options. But to find these options we need to look inwards instead – we need to look within ourselves.

But how does one do this, one may well ask oneself? And the logical answer, first and foremost, is to take the help of those who understand the question. We need to be in touch with people who have themselves developed their potential and can teach us how to do the same.

Therefore to succeed in life it is vital to have a Mentor, someone who has the ability and skills to set us on the right road and guide our every step.

Source: Gerard ODonovan

Try Online Jobs Search Engines To Help In Searching For Careers #FamilyLife

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Do you find yourself or a loved one a victim of the recent economic crisis? If that it the case then you already know how important having access to eligible jobs can be. One thing you can use that can augment your current job search is to use online job search engines. They function as an effective way to get those that have jobs with the people seeking to fill those jobs. That is how they work on a basic level. They also provide you a couple of other benefits like access to work from home money making opportunities and smaller job banks. We will cover each of these in the remainder of this article

Job Banks That Aren't That Popular

Even in this current economic environment there are still a lot of jobs that are open that are not being filled because no one knows about them. There are a number of reasons that this is true but it comes down to the fact that these positions are being added to job banks which get little or no traffic. By using the right online job search engines you can gain access to these jobs and give yourself a decided advantage.

Work At Home Employment

It is almost certain that the work at home industry has been given a bad name by a few unscrupulous individuals. The truth is that a far greater number then you would realize actually earn their income this way. You can gain access to a number of work at home opportunities by using the correct jobs search engine. Who knows you may find something that can effectively take the place of the previous job you had!

We haven't mentioned it specifically but these search engines tend to work for the entire country. In most cases you can start your search off by the state and then dig down to the city level. This is another reason why adding these tools to your job search just makes a lot of sense. We won't go as far as saying they will replace searching for a job the old fashioned way. But they should be added to your known methods.

This article has taken a very quick look at the benefits that you can get from utilizing online job search engines. The ones we looked at included getting access to seldom used job banks and income opportunities you can take advantage of from home. There are many more reasons to use these that we didn't cover here. If you take advantage of this information you should be able to make a knowledgeable decision regarding these online tools.

Source: Akon Regis

Formatting A Business Letter #FamilyLife


A business letter is different compared to a normal informal letter. If you want to write one, it is important to know all the steps and procedures. This article will help you in writing one. There are people all over the world who do not know how to write a business letter, and end up making mistakes. With the help of these few tips and guidelines, you need not ever make the mistakes again.


The date should be mentioned at least 2 or 3 lines, below the letterhead. And it should be given in full, i.e. date, month and year.


The basics of writing a good business letter are easy to learn and very important. When it comes to formatting, you will be required to write the address of the person or the company at the top left of the paper. The address of your company should be at the right of the center of the page. In the inside address write the name and address of the person to whom the letter is addressed to. Remember to include everything in the to and from address, including the street address, city and zip code.


The salutation should be typed in the left side, below the address. While typing the salutation you must write Dear Mr/Ms ABC followed by a colon.


While writing a letter, it is very important to know the audience who is going to be reading the letter. You will need to introduce yourself in the beginning, before proceeding onto the contents of the letter. After introducing yourself, it is good to give an introduction about the subject matter as well. Remember to sound as professional as possible. There needs to be a balance between explaining the matter under discussion and doing into a deep explanation about the topic. You will need to give the information that is necessary, at the same time not make it boring. To make your letter professional you need to give all the facts, figures, reasons and even examples to help make the topic clear.

While finishing the letter it is also just as important to not only explain the problem or the situation in hand, but also to offer an appropriate solution or propose the next step. It is crucial for you to end the letter with a solution in hand, as without it your letter is incomplete. If needed you may also ask the reader of the letter for a solution or their opinions on the matter at hand. Also make sure you have given your contact address or phone number, if the reader of the letter wishes to contact you.

It is important to note that in case you are enclosing any letters or documents along with your business letter, please mention them in the letter as well. And if you are referring to any particular person in the letter, who maybe anyone except the intended reader, it is good to mention their details as well.

Closing of the letter

The closing of the letter is done by typing "Yours sincerely" or "Thank you", and on the next line the signature of the sender is affixed. Make sure the letter is signed in black or blue ink only.

Reaching for The Sky? #FamilyLife

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The Great Pyramid of Cheops, Ulm Cathedral, St. Peter’s, the Empire State Building, the Sears Tower….for millennia, the world’s tallest buildings have been occidental.

As we approach the first quarter of the new millennium, however, the tallest buildings in the world are no longer in Africa, Europe and the United States, but in the rapidly growing cities of the Far East (Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong and Chongqing) and the Middle East (Dubai) are shooting skywards at a pace that makes the great New York and Chicago building booms of 1900-1930 appear almost tame.

Not only are the tallest buildings soaring but brand new cities are also reaching for the sky. Shenzhen, to the north of Kowloon, is a special economic zone in the People’s Republic of China. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

The scale of these skyscrapers is astonishing. The Petronas of Kuala Lumpur is designed by Cesar Pelli, the Argentine-born, New York-based architect, these twin peaks rise to 1,475 ft – some 25 ft higher than the Sears Tower, in Chicago. Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s Prime Minister wanted to capture the record from the Americans. Dr. Mohamad wants to make the point that Malaysia is at the heart of Southeast Asia’s economic miracle. Pelli is also the architect of Canary Wharf Tower, the tallest building in Britain. At 800 ft it is dwarfed by its Malaysian cousins.

The Chinese, however, have no intention of letting the Malaysians rest on their laurels. After the completion of the Petronas Towers, the Chongqing Tower is built at 114-storey building, partly office block and partly hotel, looms 1,500 ft over the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. The tower – not the prettiest – has been designed by Haines Lundberg Waehler, a firm of New York architects. The building makes an overt display of the geomantic principles of Feng Shui. What this means in practice is that the building is based on the Chinese lucky number, eight. Offices are located on the eight to the 80th floors above an eight-storey entrance lobby, and the office floors are punctuated by eight-storey atria. As with the Petronas Towers, the building’s height is symbolic.

The Japanese are talking of building even higher. The Millenium Tower designed by Sir Norman Foster and Partners for Tokyo will be more than 2,600 ft tall. Although vast, it is, however, quite beautiful when contrasted with the muddled profiles of the Petronas Towers, Chongqing Tower and the Sears Tower.

Architects, engineers and building contractors face relatively few difficulties when building into the clouds. Skyscraper technology is long established.

When Frank Lloyd Wright, the flamboyant American architect, designed a mile-high skyscraper – the Illinois – 70 years ago, he was not simply being silly. The tower could have been built. The question to be asked when such vertiginous schemes are planned is not how, but why.

Other Important Information:

1) Salisbury Cathedral – 404 feet in 1320
2) Canary Wharf, London – 800 feet in 1989
3) Empire State Building, New York – 1,250 feet in 1931
4) Jin Mao Building, Shanghai – 1,380 feet in 1997
5) Sears Tower, Chicago – 1,454 feet in 1974
6) Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur – 1,475 feet in 1996
7) Chongqing Tower, Chongqing China – 1,500 feet in 1997
8) Millenium Tower, Tokyo Japan – 2,600 feet

Why Not Make Your Fortune the Easy Way? #FamilyLife

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It isn’t easy to make a fortune the old-fashioned way, no matter what you’ve heard. It means learning a trade, then slogging your way up the corporate ladder from mailroom to first broom to vice president, and so on. Nor is it any easier getting a bright idea and starting a business. Bright ideas by themselves are worth nothing.

Even if the idea is brilliant – like making small cars with giant rubber bumpers to reduce the danger and severity of accidents on the freeways – it is a long road between conception and making a fortune.

So, why not make your fortune the easy way, by osmosis? No having to develop real estate, or drill for oil, or trade options – all those things you don’t have the foggiest notion about. All you have to do is sidle up to a proper billionaire, and “presto transfuso” you will make a fortune by osmosis.

Here’s how:

1) Selecting the Target: Identifying your target billionaire is the first order of business. This is complicated by the fact that many millionaires are protected by phalanxes of secretaries and yes-men who guard them with their lives. You will have to get your billionaire on the outside, either when he leaves the office or when he is on vacation. There he is now. He is the little gentleman sitting in the back of the stretch limousine talking through a speakerphone to his driver, Simeon. He is telling Simeon that he wants to stop for a moment at a particular shop. It is now that you have to strike.

2) Positioning Yourself to Osmosis: The billionaire instructs Simeon to pull up in front of the boutique displaying the purple pongee polo outfit. You must move quickly. As soon as his car slows, you begin strolling in the direction of the boutique. As the billionaire walks up to the window, you move in close, right next to him. You can feel the heat from his cashmere hand-tailored jacket and the warmth from his Caribbean tan. He’s the genuine article alright, maybe $100,000 or $500,000 million. A big one. He’ll never miss a small fortune. Even his accountants won’t notice anything awry for a month or so. Gently, ever so gently, you bring your arm in contact with his. Not so he thinks you are strange or fruity, but just as if you are another interested party, a man of similar tastes and breeding who is also into purple polo outfits. There, you can feel it now, the sudden surge of power as hundreds of thousands of dollars course between the billionaire and yourself. It is a heady experience, and for a moment, you may feel flushed, as if you have earned it all yourself. Not to worry. You have not. You are still the same person you were, only richer as the moments go by.

When you think you have reached your goal – in this case a modest to large fortune – disengage from the billionaire just as smoothly and discreetly as you began, and move toward the curb. You will find a car and driver waiting for you. Your own car. Not as large or fine as the billionaire’s – maybe it’s a Mercedes and he has a Rolls – but a car and driver nevertheless, befitting your new station in life. Get in and say “Home Mike.” Perhaps when you run your stake into tens of billions, you can have a driver named Barcroft; but for now, it’s Mike.

In the second instance, you spot your billionaire while he is on vacation. Though your accommodations may be quite different – he has a penthouse suite, you have a modest single overlooking the parking lot – there are places at the Caribana you have in common. The Rendezvous bar, for example – the one by the pool with thatched roof and the fantastic pina coladas. It is five in the afternoon, and the billionaire has left his yacht and is sitting at the bar with his two well-groomed blondes in attendance. Fortunately, the blondes are both parked to his left. You take the seat to his right and order a yellow bird. His ears perk up at the mention, and he wonders what a yellow bird is. When the drink arrives, the billionaire looks up.
“Excuse me,” he says, “but what is a yellow bird?”

“Try it,” you say. “It’s pineapple juice and 12 different kinds of exotic rums.”

You proffer your drink, as if to say, “Here, taste. Don’t be frightened.” Skeptical at first, the billionaire finally succumbs to his curiosity and reaches for the drink. It is at this moment that osmosis takes over. As the billionaire’s lips touch the glass and he drains some golden liquid from it, large blocks of stock from both the New York and American exchanges somehow are transferred to the glass and find their way to your account. They are not even on margin.

When you return home, you will be greeted with new respect by your broker. But for now, it will suffice that your room has been changed to ocean-view 12, and that an attractive brunette at the end of the bar is batting her eyes at you.

Making a fortune through osmosis is as easy as that. And now that you have the hang of it, you can meet billionaires and millionaires on vacation, in fancy restaurants, and at the club. In fact, that is why most people on their way up join clubs – so they can sidle up to other billionaires and continue to augment their fortunes. It is the American way? Or, a worldwide phenomena? I suppose.

A Compendium of Bizarre, Idiotic and Lurid News from the Past (Series 1) #FamilyLife

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Colonel Qaddafi Hooked On three Stooges:

According to a former friend of the Libyan dictator, Muammar Qaddafi is still so infuriated over the United States’ bombing of Tripoli that he prefers to remain in his tent and watch old Three Stooges movies. “He just sits there, watching his Stooges videotapes and pouting like a spoiled child,” says Ali Adjina, who has defected to France. “He used to idolize world leaders and men of war like Napoleon and Alexander the Great. Now he looks up to nobody but Larry, Moe, and Curly!” After a friend gave Qaddafi three racing camels in an effort to cheer him up, the colonel had them killed and stuffed, then placed them outside his tent with signs around their necks bearing the names of the Stooges. “The colonel has gone off the deep end before, but I’m afraid this time he’s gone for good.” states Adjina. “The other day he started laughing to himself in that idiotic way the fat Stooge does….I tried to tell him it wasn’t right for a man of his stature to spend all day watching the Three Stooges – and that’s why I’m not living in Libya anymore.” (Weekly World News – submitted by George Edwards, Rosedale, N.Y.)

Comment: At least Qaddafi isn’t into astrology and who knows where he is right now…

Walking Catfish Eats Farmer:

A huge walking catfish in China’s Yunnan province consumed a farmer and injured his wife and eight children. Although officials believe that 41-year old Chen Xieping beat his family and fled, his neighbors swear they saw the 13-feet long, two-ton “River Dragon,” says Chen’s wife Li. “We were sitting for our evening rice when we heard a shrieking noise from the river. Chen ran outdoors to investigate. The noise grew louder and we could hear Chen shouting for help. “She heard her husband pounding on the door, and opened it to find him being swallowed by the enormous fish. Local farmers says it swung Chen against his hut, bringing it down upon his family, then walked back to the river with Chen’s feet protruding from his mouth. “I could hear Chen screaming for help, begging for someone to come and release him,“ recalls one neighbor. “My heart goes out to Chen’s family. They have lost a true hero of the people. I would never have dared fight the River Dragon…It is a demon sent from hell to punish us.” (National Examiner)

Comment: Good to eat…for farmers…

Attention Nancy Reagan:

Fortune-teller Erma Valen is able to predict the future by reading letters in alphabet soup. Proficient at reading tea leaves for 30 years, she knew nothing of her abilities with soup until the day she decided to cook some for her nephew. “I felt like having soup and remember sitting there stirring it,” says Erma. “Suddenly, this strange, cold feeling for my friend, who was to leave on a bus trip, came over me. When I looked down in the bowl, I saw the letters D-E-A-T-H spelled out on my spoon. It was undoubtedly meant for my friend.” Erma warned the woman, who decidedly not to take the trip, and thereby saved her life - the bus collided with a truck later that day, killing several people. Erma also told her sister not to be concerned over her problems with money after seeing the word gold in her bowl. Sure enough, her brother-in-law’s salary was nearly doubled when he was hired by another company. “It’s a combination of my own abilities and destiny,” Erma explains. (Sun)

Comment: She’s got it down to the letter.

Washed-up Rock Group Makes Waves:

Atlantis, the world’s first underwater rock band, had its premier gig at the Los Angeles Swim Stadium near the L.A. Coliseum. The group played with waterproof instruments, breathing apparatus, and shock resistant cables while their fans looked on from behind a Plexiglass partition. “They were a real gas,” one comments.” “Bubbly,” I guess, was the word for them. I especially liked their “Sea Cruise,” “Rock Lobster,” and “Wet Rap” songs. In fact, I can hardly wait for their LP, Moray Eel, to come out.” Although they made a splash, leader Jim Mouth doesn’t know if there will be future performances: “The rest of the group want to escape rock n’ roll depths and go on to greater heights…We could play as we parachute down to earth.” News Extra).

Comment: They could always join the Velvet Underground.

A Compendium of Bizarre, Idiotic and Lurid News from the Past (Series 2) #FamilyLife

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Doomed Cannibals Ate AIDS Victim:

A Brunei, Borneo, cannibal tribe may be doomed after feasting on a scientist infected with AIDS. Gerard Voisard, 28 of Geneva, Switzerland, had been diagnosed as having AIDS-Related Complex before he entered the country; and his journal revealed that the disease had fully matured. “This is a tragedy beyond measure,” says Ian Brinsdon, a Brunei Health Official. “Our government has spent a fortune trying to preserve and protect the primitive people of our jungle. Now, in one swift and cruel stroke, an entire tribe has been doomed to extinction. It’s only a matter of time before they all have AIDS.” Although the government is currently trying to persuade the tribesmen to undergo testing for the disease. “The outcome of these negotiations is still in limbo,” adds Brinsdon. “The cannibals are wary of outsiders to begin with. And they have absolutely no conception of the seriousness of AIDS.” (Weekly World News – submitted by C. Kaplan, New York, N.Y.)

Comment: Let’s hope there’s no bad blood…

She Gives a Real Jolt:

A London woman claims her body is flowing with so much electricity that she burns out household appliances with the slightest touch. According to the British Sun, the woman estimates she’s caused about $13,000 worth of damage to irons, toasters, washers, and dryers, televisions, radios, VCR’s, and “at least 250 light bulbs.” She lost her job at a dry cleaner “because I was making the tills (cash registers) go haywire.” Although she says she’s suffered from the peculiarity since childhood, it became worse in 1982. Doctors believe it may be caused by stress, but she doesn’t feel tense: “I’m noisy, sense-of-humor kind of person.” (Charlotte Observer – submitted by David S. Bauguess, Taylorsville, N.C.)

Comment: A real live wire.

South Ravaged By Werewolves:

Werewolves are currently running wild down South, according to Dr. Stephen Kaplan, Director of the Werewolf Research Center. “We’re seeing the biggest rise in werewolfism since Sherman’s march on Atlanta, “ he explains. “There may soon be fur flying in the heart of Dixie. I see a showdown like the O.K. Corral brewing. “Kaplan feels that the creatures prefer the South because of its warm climate and its growing number of Satanic Cults. He says that rural werewolves prey in packs on hitchhikers, tourists, and children, while their urban counterparts are solitary hunters who prefer the elderly and customers in single bars. Research for Kaplan’s first ever worldwide werewolf census has shown increasing numbers of them in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. As their origin, “Centuries ago, yetis may have kidnapped and raped some of America’s pioneer women,” Kaplan believes. “The offspring were werewolves, less hairy, shorter.” (National Examiner).

Comment: That’s why, movies nowadays have vampire-werewolves themes…

Factory Worker Thinks He Died and Gone to Hell:

An English metal-foundry worker became convinced that he was in hell, and killed his foreman, who he thought was the devil. “In the last few days he’d been acting strangely, doesn’t know if thereberserk, screaming about being in “the pits of the eternal fire” and saying he was going to kill Satan.” The 45-year old man chased his supervisor around the factory and killed him with a sledgehammer. According to a police spokesman, “It gets very hot in there…He pictured his supervisor as being the devil leading the doomed off to eternal punishment.” After his arrest, he was examined by psychiatrists who suspect that his religious fervor, combined with the heat, caused his delusions, and that he may well be schizophrenic. (Sun – submitted by David Johnson, Ponca City, Oklahoma).

Comment: Like Harry Truman used to say, if you can’t withstand the heat…

Understanding Chinese Yin and Yang in the Field of Medicine (Chapter 1) #FamilyLife

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Some patients regard acupuncture needle pricks as pain. In China, a doctor would be thought of as incompetent if the needles did not cause a certain degree of discomfort. The fact that this discipline has survived thousand of years, through so much change and so many upheavals is regarded by many as proof of its efficacy.

The Chinese method of healing is more than 2,000 years old, and, like the rest of China’s history, meticulously recorded; its discoveries, methodology and application being handed from generation, making Chinese medicine today the sum total of the accumulated experiences of past masters of the art.

The earliest medical classic in China, now extant, is the Huangdi Neijing, or Canon of Medicine, dating back to 500 – 300 B.C. It states the Chinese belief that imbalances in the body’s circulatory system are the cause of all diseases. The body says Chinese tradition, is mapped by meridian lines (or channels) which carry energy and are connected to 1000 pressure points. Blood and energy flow through 12 regular channels in a horizontal direction while 8 extra channels and 15 collaterals control vertical and transverse flows.

These channels and collaterals are closely interconnected and the build-up of blood pressure or qi (vital energy) in one can create an imbalance in the entire system. Tenderness at the pressure points also indicates where and how an organ might be diseased. Stimulation of these points (with needles as in acupuncture, or with finger pressure as in acupressure) affects other parts of the body, releasing blocked energy and healing the damaged organ.

At the Chinese Clinic, most types of pain are thought to be caused by stagnation of blood or qi in the channels. Stagnation may be caused by wind, cold or one of many more external factors, which invade the body’s circulatory system. Stagnation may also result from a weak circulation or disorders in other internal organs. Treatment of pain consists of identifying the cause, dredging the channels to remove the stagnation and correcting whatever imbalances may have arisen within the body.

Understanding Chinese Yin and Yang in the Field of Medicine (Chapter 2) #FamilyLife

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Chinese doctors have a set of diagnostic rules to detect the various types of pain.
An ache at the back of the head is usually characteristic of stagnation in the channels governing the urinary bladder and top of the liver. Chinese techniques, acupuncture in particular, is especially suitable for most kinds of sharp or acute pain. Relief is often instantaneous and permanent. Chronic pain usually takes some time to respond to treatment.

To understand the principles of Chinese medicine, it is essential to grasp the essence of Chinese philosophy and its central concepts of yin and yang forces in nature, at once opposing yet independent – male and female, negative and positive, call them what you like. Every object or phenomenon in the universe is compounded of these two aspects. The Chinese masters describe a complex law of the unity of opposites that operates between yin and yang.

If the masculine force, yang, embodies fire and all that is bright, hot, upwardly mobile, and active, then the female force, yin, stands for water, forces of dimness, inertia, cold, darkness, and a downward direction. Some also describe yin as the substance (to be) and yang as the function (to do).

The world is further classified according to five basic elements, which form the building blocks for all matter: wood, fire, earth, water and metal. These, too, succumb to the elementary forces of yin and yang. However, the relationship between yin and yang, and hence these elements, is never absolute, but relative, and can and does change continually.

The body, a microcosm of the universe, is also believed to have its vital organs corresponding to the five elements: the liver to wood, heart to fire, spleen to earth, kidneys to water and lungs to metal.

And flowing through everything, are the yin and yang, the basic life force of all matter. Some consider the front of the body to be yin and the back yang, with a further subdivision of upper and lower halves.

Whatever the divisions, imbalance of the two forces in the body leads to ailments, which is why an ailment is never looked at in isolation. The lifestyle and history of the patient is taken into consideration, plus his appearance, personality, habits and temperament.

Is the patient buoyant and effusive with a loud voice and personality, and therefore a case of excessive yang? Or is he quiet, withdrawn and depressed and prone to deficiencies due to excess yin and low qi? A balance is sought, thus ridding the body of the ailments that have resulted from an excess of one particular force.

Usually, a multi-pronged attack is mounted to cure an ailment using a combination of acupuncture, Chinese massage, cupping, moxibustion and herbal medicine.

Acupuncture is probably the most well-known, its origins going back to Stone Age man who used it to cure pain. Today, the needle is often substituted by laser beams, for those patients who fear the pin-pricks.

An acupuncturist’s needle is his most potent weapon. The treatment consists of tiny ones inserted into strategic parts of the body using varying degrees of pressure, to control and regulate the flow of blood and qi. Acupuncture is also used in surgery instead of anesthesia.

A novel form of acupuncture is the pressing of some special seeds on to portions of the ear. For instance, to stop smoking, just press these seeds on to your ears each time the urge to smoke strikes. According to the Chinese, the ear is an extremely vital organ and is believed to hold the key in diagnosing problems almost anywhere in the body.

When man first discovered fire, he also found that certain syndromes of pain and several other illnesses miraculously disappeared when certain areas of the skin were subjected to heat. The Chinese application of this principle is known as moxibustion, in which herbal medicine (usually moxa leaves) are packaged into a small, cigarette-like tube which, when lit and applied to parts of the body, generates a mild heat that helps to remove obstructions in the channels and collaterals, and heightens the efficacy of other methods.

Understanding Chinese Yin and Yang in the Field of Medicine (Chapter 3) #FamilyLife

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Massage plays an important role in treatment for maladies as varied as fractures and arthritis. Massage seems to have been commonly used even in the Sui and Tang dynasties (158 – 907 BC). During the Ming dynasty, it was considered one of the 13 major branches of Chinese medicine, and its numerous therapeutic qualities were widely enumerated in many texts. According to Chinese records, massage was introduced to the West as a method of healing only about 1,000 years ago.

Cupping and bleeding are other widely-used procedures. Cupping uses vacuum suction to activate the functions of the organs, while those with excess yang are made to bleed with a seven-star needle to restore balance. The doctor also may suggest changes in the food the patient eats and even the place he lives in. Summer diseases are treated in winter and vice versa. Once the balance is restored the patient is fully cured, but future imbalances may call for a fresh round of treatment.

How much of a scientific basis does all this have? Says Dr. Nie Xong-Mei, a practicing acupuncturist from China’s reputed Shahshi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, “The system is based on the experiences and findings of Chinese doctors over thousands of years. Besides, the success rate is high as in the Western system of medicine. Modern, well-equipped research institutions in China have qualified scholars pursuing continuing research to test and evaluate traditional methods, devise new ones, and incorporate the old with the new using the latest advances in medical technology, including laser and microwave therapy.”

The confrontation that has arisen in the West between conventional and alternative therapies is absent in China where a significant number of medical schools teach modern allopathy in conjunction with traditional medicine. Pathological tests and other state-of-the-art diagnostic methods are widely used to help pinpoint the malady. In a majority of emergency cases like heart attacks, brain damage, major surgery, etc. allopathy is resorted to as results are instantaneous, with post-illness complications like paralysis being treated by conventional methods. Often a combination of the two systems is employed.

“The advantage of the traditional method, says Dr. Nei, “is that there are no side-effects. Moreover, the emphasis on improving circulation helps build up body resistance, leaving the individual better off in the long run. The Chinese method, you must understand, is not so much a prescriptive, pill-popping system, as an overall, holistic approach to health. In that sense, it is “complete”, perfected over the years as much as it could be, and given the proper diagnostic skills, a good doctor should be able to treat any disease on earth using the resources already at his disposal. For instance, a doctor ought to be able to stir up a remedial package from his armory. If he fails, his diagnostic skills will be questioned, not the system.”

A major problem in assessing Chinese methods is that patients usually arrive in an advanced state of ill-health. Chinese doctors lament, “They come to us, as some sort of a last resort, after having tried other treatments for years. That means, many cases we handle have become extremely complicated, and are often beyond repair. In cases of chronic pain, the patient is impatient to get rid of the pain, but what he/she does not understand is that having let it fester for so long, it’s difficult for us to eliminate it without first grappling with its cause, all of which takes time.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the Chinese method of healing as an acceptable method of natural treatment, but the insufficient amount of research and cause-effect data collated on strictly scientific grounds, prevents the system from making any indisputable claims, thus leaving it open to all kinds of interpretations. A concerned effort by the medical community, both the traditional and modern, to probe into the system’s merits and demerits on a firm scientific footing, will be an immense boon to mankind. For however advanced the human mind may be, the flesh is always weak, and any kind of healing touch is welcome.

Why love Poetry? #FamilyLife


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Stuart Farrar. To quote Toni Morrison, "If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it", so that's what we did!

If you look on Amazon these days for love poems, we're sorry to say that most of what you will spot is anthologies of poetry by other people, and piles of these include what are often referred to as "the classics", which is frequently another way of saying that they're very old.

What you may have trouble finding are collections of fresh, modern, original love poetry.

And this, to us, is sad, as the issues raised in love poems from centuries ago are doubtless not those relevant to couples nowadays.

What do we mean by that?

While it's correct that romance and love are eternal, in a large number of households today, both the husband and the wife have no choice but to go out to work, just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, never mind enjoy a few indulgences.

Modern life is frenetic, resulting in people not having sufficient time to truly develop their relationships and keep them healthy - in many instances, husbands and wives barely even see each other at all other than on Saturdays and Sundays.

And the numbers of divorces created from this marital entropy are truly shocking.

Nonetheless, it's our opinion that love poems can help in all sorts of ways.

Let's start when the fire of love is first ignited, for example.

In our case, we met online because we lived on different continents. And while we spent up to 12 hours a day chatting via Internet telephony (e.g. Skype), email and IM, we wanted something to help enhance the bond that was fast developing.

So, every single day, attached to a long e-card that described what we'd been up to and how we felt, a love poem was included.

Now, these love poems were not copied from some other poetry collection, but were hand-crafted, but don't worry if you don't feel up to writing your own poetry - as long as the poem conveys the right sentiments, it will still achieve your objectives.

You see, the key consideration is that the poem must be heart-felt and sincere, and not something you borrowed from inside a soppy greetings card.

You might feel that, as a man, love poetry is a bit too effeminate, but you'd be 100% incorrect!

Actually, the vast majority of ladies will really appreciate the fact that you are able put your emotions into words, something that males are renowned for finding difficult.

Now, you might be put off because women nowadays are often a lot more assertive, or even belligerent, than in days gone by, but you shouldn't be. If you think about it, they have little choice if they want to flourish and have their voices heard in what is still very much a male-dominated world.

Even if this is the case, it doesn't mean that they don't cherish romance, courteous gestures, and a display of natural emotion.

So, although you may feel that you're not be the next Byron or Wordsworth, it doesn't matter - trust us!

These days, we've been married for over five years, but a romantic poem every day is still a major part of our relationship.

We are lucky because we run our business from home, together, and so are with each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Now, this may be a shocking prospect for a lot of couples, but not for us, because we spend time making sure that our relationship works and is strong (and that we're very compatible in the areas that definitely matter).

But for those couples who spend most of the day apart, then dash home to do the chores, make a meal, look after the children and so on., then it can be difficult to find the time to do those little things that make a difference - like telling each other you that you love them, and also that you appreciate them for what they do and for who they are.

A love poem can say all of these things, and if reading the poetry out loud is not something you'd feel comfortable doing (although you really should give this a try), then a great alternative is to write some poetry and leave it somewhere for your lover to discover, such as on her pillow, or pop it into her handbag or purse so she'll find it when she arrives at her office?

Here's an ever better idea -, why not post her some love poetry to where she works - all of her colleagues will turn green with envy, we promise you, and earn you a ton of brownie points as well, but that's just an extra bonus.

However you do it, it's important that you should find ways to let your partner know how much they mean to you as often as you can.

Romantic poetry is also a way to paint a vision of the life you promise yourselves you'll have in the future - trips out, foreign holidays, the model family, growing old together, as well as being one way to deal with daily matters that might not be part of your lifelong dream, but which you can't avoid.

For example, you could write a poem about how much you dislike having to be separated when one or both of you go to work - it's necessary, but telling your spouse that you miss her will lift both of your spirits.

On to more fun things - what about your fantasies?

Many folks have what you might call "bedroom fantasies", which they may not want to talk about or ask for, but if you raise the suggestion via love poetry, it opens the door for a pleasure you might otherwise not have the chance to enjoy.

And after you've had that unforgettable night, why not write more poetry as a "thank you", or to touch upon what you did (and these can be as personal and raunchy as you want, as they're for your and her eyes only)?

All this talk of writing poems may intimidate you, but it needn't - if you have the words in your heart, translating them into verse is the simple part.

Our preference is for traditional poetry (i.e. Lines that rhyme with a consistent meter), but if would rather try something different, that's fine too - the only thing that matters is to get your message across.

You could stick to the very formal sonnet, or you could write a poem of many, many verses, or you could even opt for the minimalist oriental haiku.

It really doesn't matter, because what you will find is that the mere act of writing some poetry for your partner will instantly put you in a fantastic state of mind, and likewise, it will have the same effect on that special lady when she reads what you have created, just for her.

We urge you to have a go - you won't be disappointed - and nor will your wife!

Modern Zoos, a Necessity?

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Zoos are the arks of Noah of our modern time. When the unstoppable floods of humanity cover the surface of the planet, zoos and nature reserves will be the only places where we will still be able to see that once upon a time there were other creatures than man and insects.

Why would we want to see other creatures? What we do not know we will not miss, some people may say. The funds needed to maintain animal collections should be spent on human necessities….


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Just Another Word for Migraine - Headache

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The pain caused by migraine can be debilitating, but there are ways that will ease it for sufferers. For those who don’t suffer from it, migraine is just another word for headache. For the one in 10 people who do get migraine, it’s debilitating condition, characterized by a searing pain on one side of the head, often with nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, visual disturbances plus, in some cases, temporary paralysis. What’s more, an attack can last from four to 72 hours.

Research scientists are continually discovering more about what actually happens in the brain during an attack, and this is helping them to develop more efficient treatments.


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The Filipino Diaspora Blog and Forum - The Beginning

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The Thinking About Modern Eugenics

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According to “The New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary,” eugenics, the study of methods of protecting and improving the quality of the human race by selective breeding.

And, according to Adolf Hitler, “Since the inferior is always numerically superior to the best, the worst would multiply itself so much faster…given the same opportunity to survive and procreate…that the best would necessarily be pushed to the background. Therefore, a correction in favor of the better must be undertaken.”

If that infolded quote is from some monster’s Mein Kampf in 1939, consider this: On 14 August 1983 – a year much closer to us than remote Auschwitz – on Singapore’s National Day, the Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew “expressed deep concern that a higher proportion of graduate women were remaining single, compared to their less educated counterparts, and that those who married were producing fewer offspring on average.”

Therefore, to introduce productive counter-effects, Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Goh Keng Swee immediately showered several measures to reverse the trend. These included computer dating services, incentive schemes for graduate women in order to bear more children, priority-based admissions for women to the National University of Singapore and the introduction of courtship classes for undergraduates.

And what was this travesty of wardenship based on? In the Prime Minister’s own words: “There is increasing evidence that nature, or what is inherited, is a greater determinant of a person’s performance than nurture (or education and environment). Researchers on identical twins who were given away at birth to different social and economic classes show that their performance is very close although their environments are different.”

And what was the PM’s burlesque based on? Basically, on an article entitled “How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?” which appeared in the 1969 Harvard Educational Review written by the American Psychometrician A. R. Jensen who argued that the Headstart programs of compensatory education for mainly black ghetto children had failed because differences in average IQs between social classes and between blacks and whites were largely genetically determined.

Before a startled nation could say “Huh?” or, mortified academicians bury their heads in sands of shame, Nobel Laureate physicist William Shockley proceeded to shock a ready traumatized world by actually suggesting that the state welfare payments be made contingent upon low IQ parents having eugenically sterilizations. The title of his article which appeared in Shaping the American Educational System was a remarkable exercise in neutered nomenclature: “Dysgenics – A Social-Problem Reality Evaded by the Illusion of Infinite Plasticity of Human Intelligence.” At least Hitler had some human intelligence left to put the matter bluntly.

And what was the reason which made such eminent scientists mouth such pogromic profundities with so much conviction and ease? The answer ultimately can be traced back mainly to the life and work of Sir Cyril Burt who in a series of decade-spanning research with separated identical twins apparently demonstrated to the world at large that his and his colleagues’ massive statistical data clearly indicated heredity was responsible for up to 80 per cent of human intelligence.

Meaning you, your clan, tribe or race was born with an (only internally varying) intelligence capacity which, try as they might, but no amount of schooling, education or remedial action could upgrade by more than a mere marginal one-fifth. In 1946, Burt was the first psychologist to be knighted.

And now that two Americans, Charles Murray and Richard Hermstein, have produced their latest salvo in the form of a book called “The Bell Curve” should a Hitlerian correction “in favor of the better” be finally undertaken?

Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante

Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante
Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante

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Parenting Matter Anyone?

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Photo source by: Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak on Flickr

Have you realized that each one of us, as a parent has a strikingly different approach to bringing up children? This can become a serious issue when children have to be left in the care of others.

When it comes to such issues in child rearing; a few ounces of junk foods, an extra hour in watching TV is not going to have a lasting effect, although our children may request those things at home. For countless generations we have listened to children’s heartfelt cries of “but my friend’s Dad lets him do it!” even when friend’s Dad has never done anything of that sort. “Kids can distinguish between different rules in different settings. They know that there are different rules for other homes and for their homes,” says an expert.

Sometimes the concerns stem from differences in values. For example, one family might be orthodox or very conservative while the other liberal or the two may simply have beliefs that do not preach quite the same philosophy. These differences are certainly more easily dealt with than say a parent’s concern about their child’s emotional welfare while in the home of a friend whose parents are constantly arguing or are abusive.


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About Children and Smoking

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Children who smoke are more susceptible to coughs and increased phlegm and more prone to chest illness. A recent study revealed that children who smoke are three times more likely to have time off school. The earlier children become regular smokers and persist in the habit as adults, the greater their risk of dying prematurely.

In terms of fitness, a child who smokes will have poorer cardio-respiratory system and find aerobic exercise more difficult. Smoke articles irritate the lining of the lungs and smoking can reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cells. This means that the heart and muscles cannot work as efficiently as they receive less oxygen.


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Reflects The Level Of Cleanliness

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Dallas dental sedation is ideal for people who have dental fears or anxiety about visiting the dentist. People who choose to be sedated can eliminate unnecessary stress while receiving treatment. For more details about dallas sedation dentist please visit our website.

There are many people facing with different dental issues with the passage of time. This can be mainly considered as the weakening happening towards the personal cleanliness and considering these facts most of the people are trying their level best to get hold of the best dental treatments. It is true that there are many people trying to move by avoiding the treatments as it is going to create lots of discomforts along with the severe pain. It is true that you will be able to overcome the issues by undergoing the treatment in the right way wherein there are many advancements happening in the medical field with the passage of time.

There is a new type of dentistry by the name of sedation dentistry and considering these facts people are trying their level best to get hold of the best sedation treatment without facing any issues with the passage of time. Most of the dentists are making use of the same concept while moving on with the treatment as there are various alterative methods available for the same kinds of issue wherein you could completely remove the issue from the root rather than carrying on with some temporary treatments.

Usually you will have to visit the doctor more than once with complicated issues before actually proceeding to the exact treatment wherein you will have to move on with the issues in the right manner.

There are different types of sedation and the type of sedation to be given to the patient mainly depends on certain factor that has to be analyzed carefully. You should be able to judge the level of anxiety phases through which the patient is moving and also on the length of treatment wherein sedation is very important as it might create lots of discomforts with the passage of time. There is small sedation wherein you will get back to the normal stages within short interval of time and also there are deep sedation's wherein you might be going to the stages of deep sleep in the right manner. You might definitely require help from another person to get back home as you might still remain in a down condition wherein you will not be able to drive back home. All these things will be carefully advised by the doctor and you should also get prepared mentally to step with the treatment so that you could lead a normal healthy life within a short while.


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Mending a Broken Heart

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There is trauma for those who end the relationship as well as those who are rejected. There are guilt feelings, wondering whether you’re doing the right thing, and trying to do it without much fuss.

Breaking up, as the song says, is hard to do. Things can get out of hand, quarrels can hasten the split, or a partner simply refuses to see the writing on the wall. Finishing a relationship on a bad note, however, leaves both partners feeling uneasy. Always try to talk things out first. Some people can take years to recover from a broken heart, but once you have got over the initial distress you will find that your feelings of anger, bitterness and even hatred will subside. Once you have understood the inevitability of the break-up, you are on the road to recovery.


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Success Now, Success Always

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Whenever I find myself demotivated or I'm seeking encouragement, I like to read quotes and sayings of highly successful people on success and life. Success is contagious, as you read other people speaking about their success, you cannot help but be positively affected by their energy and enthusiasm. Here are a few fascinating success sayings that I was able to find online that you might read.

Being successful is sometimes viewed as achieving a goal or simply getting to a certain stage in life, a position in a social environment or a corporation structure. This kind of viewpoint, that success is a stage, is frequently misleading, the fact is, success is the power to keep going, even with resistance, and by resistance I am talking about both internal or even external resistance, that could be, any situation that pushes you back again or simply prevents your success, whether it's a feeling, emotion, or maybe an external element such as relative or a colleague.

This kind of viewpoint of success as being a process is actually much more practical than the success-as-a-stage view. What I am here to share with you is that, when you start seeing matters in these terms, when you finally start mastering this process, and by mastering I mean managing the process, not only can you be successful, but you would also acquire self confidence in your own capacity to do the same process all the time in a variety of situations, and still be successful. Bearing that in mind, why don't we free ourselves from the traditional interpretation of success being a point and focus on that which is actually required to be successful in life.

You have to be constantly aware of your goals: Oftentimes we forget what our own goals are, and by forget I don't imply that you totally forget your goals, but there are actually instances when things tend to dominate our brain space in such a way that we no longer are actively seeking our originally planned goals, all of us have a reasonably limited attention span, our brains could primarily devote itself to a single main item at a time, whenever this happens we briefly lose sight of other activities in our minds. You need to be mindful of this, you have to learn the ability to notice the very moment when you begin drifting off to other areas in life, areas that use up your mental space and are not really aiding you in attaining your goals.

Know the elements which have been regularly standing in the way of your success: You need to take notice every time an issue begins getting in the way of your success, this really is often a subtle feeling, like fear or laziness, it isn't always easy to notice. Learn how to stand back and watch how these emotions affect you in both short-term and long-term, how they influence your ability to make the proper decisions that could help you accomplish your desired goals.

Build a positive attitude: Developing a positive mind-set means getting rid of all feelings of hate, envy and bitterness and changing them with love, courage and hope. Very often, we've set our goals in the first place mainly because we have been angry about some thing, and we want to change it, this sensation of being upset is effective to some extent, it will provide us the basis to keep going whenever we're feeling down, but it also can very quickly turn into a negative feeling when we're not careful, when this happens we find ourselves caught in a loop, we are upset that we can't attain our goals, and we cannot achieve our goals because we've been upset. Never let yourself get caught in this kind of never-ending vicious circle of failure. Learn to be always perceptive of this effect, when it takes place, calmly remind yourself that this feeling is absolutely not helping you, it may also help to whisper it calmly to yourself: "This emotion is not helping me; I'll not allow this kind of harmful sensation to impact me"

Keep in mind that your friends' intentions are often good: People worry about change. When you start making an active, visible effort, they will start observing that you are changing. Frequently, this tends to make them fear that you simply will not continue to be the same person they've used to know and also like. Remember that they are really not against your success, they're simply worrying. You need conscious of this and let them know that you've set goals for yourself and that this would not impact your current relationship with them by any means. In this manner, you turn them into allies, assisting you in the act of achieving your goals, as opposed to obstacles.

Know that the real key to success is practice: We have talked about this before, but I'm going to mention it once again here, success is a process, whenever you correctly execute this process you become better at being successful, sure, it's difficult initially, however once you learn to follow the simple steps I have outlined in this article, it gets as easy as anything else you do in life.
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Women Talk: Facial Foundation and Powder

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Good make-up begins with an even, well-applied base, and this is produced by careful use of foundation and powder. The foundation provides the background tone and color, and the powder used to set the foundation so that it doesn’t streak or smear.


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Women Talk: Highlighters

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Face make a photo by KNOBBYKNEEz on Flickr.

After you have laid base color with foundation and powder, you can emphasize the contours of your face with blushers, shaders and highlighters. These bring life and a shape to your face, emphasizing bone structure and playing down faulty or irregular features.


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Women Talk: Foot Massage and Exercises

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Massaging the feet can be delightful and relaxing experience. Massage helps to soothe sore and tired feet by improving the circulation. The massage is even more pleasurable if you use a herbal oil or body lotion. Concentrate on tender areas on the sole, heel, and side of the foot, especially if the feet have been rubbed by shoes that don’t fit properly.


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Women Talk:: Figure Improvement (Part 3)

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The best way to enhance the development of your body figure, which you can determine by yourself. Read the 3 parts for a complete routine.


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Women Talk: Figure Improvement (Part 2) #FamilyLife

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Women Talk:: Figure Improvement (Part 1)

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