President Aquino Planning For Another Term, But Why? #FamilyLife

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President Aquino Planning For Another Term, But Why? #FamilyLife

In the past after the latest SONA of Pinoy, all of the sudden, re-election of him surfaced as other Presidential hopefuls were emerging like they wanted the highest political position of the land. It’s not new for Filipino political hopefuls to draw their desires even it’s too early for the next election 2017.

President Aquino’s term will end at 2016, and how could that be possible?

According to Erice, it is time to discuss the need to amend the political provisions of the Constitution especially on the lifting of terms of elective positions. He is pushing for Cha-cha because he believes that President Aquino deserves another term so he can continue enforcing reforms in the government.

Palace officials are giving contradicting statements on the real stand of President Benigno Aquino on the Cha-cha even after he expressed his agreement with the idea of term extension in a televised interview. Since he assumed the presidency, Aquino has opposed moves, including by his political allies, to amend the Charter, which proponents say are intended to remove obstacles to direct foreign ownership of businesses and resources.

Past administrations have also pushed for Charter change but these attempts have met with widespread opposition out of fears the real intention is to lift term limits to allow incumbent officials to hang on to their posts.

What if the Philippine Constitution should be changed according to the new generation with new development that’s really for the future of the Philippines? But the fact remains that majority of the politicians didn’t want to change some provisions in the Constitution, but why?

His 6 years term is enough for him that created controversial setbacks for his administration allowing him to fight back against his method of managing the system. Contrary to his never ending corruption fighter techniques, more political geniuses squabbled for him in return.

The 1987 Philippine Constitution was embodied to promulgate the Law of the Land and its territories. More so, the essence of democracy was integrated for the people of the Philippines in which everybody has the right to liberty and life.

If Charter Change could be the option for him to run for another term, what will be the most extreme political upheaval will follow?

If Pnoy will serve for another six years by amending the constitution, what happens to the next president who doesn’t end up performing according to our expectations? Give chance to other capable Filipino who could create better development reforms to the Philippines.

A good president knows which previous administration’s initiative should be continued and not blindly stop all projects because of vindictiveness. It’s a must for the President to study, decide and complete the previous programs of the past and mold into positive outcome to the people.

He managed to select people who ran the highest government offices with nothing new to offer according to the situation of the Filipino people. Thus, they brought vague system that caused their organizations to crumble.

The problem with being in power is that Pnoy begin to believe that he’s always correct. And a lone Filipino who could change the Philippine Government System with ease and courage; that no other Presidential hopefuls can carry the weight like him, like what he did to Corona, Napoles, Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada and even the master, Juan Ponce Enrile. Is this the positive sign of becoming a dictator?

His appointed government officials were gaining their vested interests through DAP in which hidden corruption were manufactured. Thus, this system was greatly unconstitutional and must be stopped. But the President was insistent that it’s good for the country’s development.

The question is why he’s planning this way, when in fact Mar Roxas could be his successor of his unfinished plans and endeavors? Or, whoever wins the upcoming election?

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