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The world’s growing population

The world’s population has reached a staggering 7 billion people and despite people having children later, is set to continue growing. While, many families are choosing to have fewer children vastly influenced by different lifestyle choices there are others which value large families.

Recent coverage of the infamous Duggar Family created mixed opinions about raising what appeared to be an absurdly abnormal sized family – at least amongst western standards. With19 children – and another on the way – they are an American family sharing their lives on their own reality TV show “19 Kids and Counting.”

As the Duggars have stepped into the spotlight, their family has been the topic of much conversation and the starting point for banter about the world population and how many children a family should ideally have.

Opinions on these topics are far ranging, with many people believing that the world’s population is growing too quickly to be sustainable given the resources that are currently available. Ultimately though, deciding how big or small you want your family to be is a decision between you and your partner, and should be one that you feel comfortable with.
Both large and small families face different sorts of challenges, and no matter how many children families plan on having, each situation is unique. There is no right or wrong answer, and a lifestyle choice which works for one family may not work for others.

In today’s day and age, while some families like the Duggars are choosing to have more children, others are choosing to have less. Factors that influence these decisions can range from financial & building successful careers to simply choosing to start a family later in life..

Results from recent reward surveys have reiterated that particular opinion. Whilst nearly half of the respondents in one survey felt that the world was running out of space, 43% believe that a family having more than 10 kids isn’t a problem, as long as the children are financially and emotionally supported. 35% of respondents to the survey believed 3 or more children were too many, however the same percentage felt that how many children a couple had should be their own preference.
As families like the Duggars continue to capture the imaginations of people all over the world, the debate about family size and world population is set to continue, with different people holding radically different views.
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