The Drama of Oplan Exodus Fact-Finding Team #FamilyLife

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The world watched as multiple “fact-finding” and “independent” probes ended shamelessly with a whitewash of Pnoy’s glaring culpability.
But will Alan Purisima and Getulio Napenas now be charged and jailed?

The speculations of many Filipinos were satisfied temporarily with the Board of Inquiry (BOI) final report which made them the first fact-finding authority to divulge the incident. But it made another doubts to the “Doubting Thomases of Philippine Politics” that Pnoy really deviate the Oplan Exodus to military blunder. It’s with this report that Oplan Exodus was not totally planned and executed with lots of flaws in coordination on the side of the military leaders on the ground.

While the nation awaits true justice for SAF 44,President Pnoy’s moro-moro with the MILF and his all-out war with the BIFF are surely dooming the prospect for true and lasting peace in Mindanao. For its defence, the MILF claims “misencounter” that lasted eight hours or so. Some say 12 hours.

The real drama of Philippine military operation in Mamasapano revealed much desire for the political opposition to unite their true intention in coming election 2016. They made this incident truly a “virus” that’s eating-up the Pnoy Administration into escalating negatives about the President. Moreover, even the ordinary Filipinos resulted to believe that the Pnoy Governance a dwindling rapidly. Even the trust rating of the President lowered continuously.

Media people were among the first to divulge other video files from their source against the government media coverage. These daily news resulted to chaos in the mind of the Filipino people, not knowing what’s the truth behind this Mamasapano incident.
The Senate-hearing draft committee report condoned the military shortfall and the people involved must answer it all. It reached the final point wherein Pnoy must come-out to apologize to the Filipino people and tell the truth. They are still on the process to finalize every angle of the report.

The on-going drama of Pnoy Administration’s still rearing for another backlash from the media, opposition, and other Filipino citizens who never trust the President because of the Mamasapano incident .

They made their sides at all cost but never imagine the side of the military leaders who tried their best to eliminate the negative elements in our society and because they could not turn their back on the people, who are fed up with Pnoy’s repeated lies and arrogance in denying his culpability.

No amount of propaganda by the political opposition will sell anymore. Their vested interests to replace President Pnoy and the money involve in governance and the power to create negative in the Philippine politics like in the past. But the President had done the scraping of some political personalities in the arena. Still, some Filipinos looks like Pnoy is decided to subject the Filipino people what he simply does best—no corruptions in the government to the very end.

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