SONA 2015 of President Aquino, Positive Reporting Only? #FamilyLife

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SONA 2015 of President Aquino, Positive Reporting Only? #FamilyLife

It’s really very much alive when the last SONA 2015 of President Benigno Aquino III was delivered because of its essence in Filipino culture and development. His first sentence, "My bosses, this is the story of our journey along the Straight Path." It’s like the beginning of a story wherein he wanted all Filipinos to listen very carefully with all ears.

Before he began his administration, he recalled the issues of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (PGMA) administration that were inherited to him before his term in 2010 such as 'Hello Garci' scandal, ZTE-NBN deal, MRT3, MWSS bonus, Maguindanao massacre, and NFA anomalies. “The moment we assumed the presidency, we began to unearth anomaly after anomaly.”

Truly, he groped his prowess to maintain the anomaly done by PGMA which he could not enjoined some for a long time. Some sectors were failed to “jumped-up” like the Metro Rail System in Metro Manila. The DOTC Chairman Jun Abaya cannot fathom the problems that MRT3 brought to him. It reflects the whole governance that Jun Abaya had done short in the eyes of the Pnoy Administration. The failed bidding was shortly prepared by its DOTC counterpart that made it more unreachable for them to solve the issues. It caused traffic jams along the EDSA and the riding public was totally disappointed.

This is the MRT3 woes brought about by private contractor. At present, additional trains and rehabilitation program for escalators are underway.

Of course, the president boasts his accomplishments in fighting corruption and poverty under his "Daang Matuwid" campaign and trumpeted economic gains. The reforms were enormously opened up to the public with such vigour. “Corruption was the root of our people's suffering. Our battlecry: where there is no corruption, there will be no poverty," Aquino said.

Thus, the willingness of Pnoy Administration to create positively the things that matter to them most; but, with that, opposition started to counter-attack with all their might to put him down. Left and right opposed or filed cases for his slow decision-making of his administration. Lots of failures were not being reported at the SONA that needs immediate solutions.

The agriculture sector has never been developing fully by his administration, that the farmers were truly disappointed for their fate. It made them hate him more than ever. The same is true with the SAF 44 thing.

The Aquino Administration got the positive response for the yearly revenues brought about by the business sector. He stressed the sacrificed of those who helped the economy, one way or the other.

Election 2016 is fast approaching and he prayed that the next President could carry his endeavour for our country, the Philippines.

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