Best Dining Chairs for Your Meals #FamilyLife

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Best Dining Chairs for Your Meals #FamilyLife

A home is where you rest, relax and unwind, but it is also the place where you eat and spend time with your friends and family. When you want to furnish your home, you have to make the right choices based on what you want to get out of every room and you need to find the store that will provide the options to meet your demands.

For instance, if you want to pick the right furniture for your dining room, you have to focus on the purpose you will use it for. Since you use it to dine, you will need one or more tables where you can place all the plates and other items to serve your meals, but you will also need to find the dining chairs you can sit on around the table.

The dining chairs are the ones that will make the place stand out since they are the ones that can be chosen based on the preferred design. There are many options you can turn to, there are a number of materials used for the final result and you have to take the time to find the ones that will meet the requirements of the room as well.

The dining chairs you will go for have to be comfortable as well. If you want to spend a lot of time around the table during holidays or for any other occasion, you have to make sure everyone is going to feel good. This is why they have to be soft and fluffy so they can offer a comfortable seat for as long as you want to stay as well.

If you like to host such events and you want to gather your friends for a drink, there are a few other options you can turn to. The tables and chairs are suited for older people who love sitting around a table, but if you want to use an option that will go well with the demands of younger people, bar stools and tables will do the trick.

Bar stools come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and they can be used to create an amazing area for you and your friends as well. If you will also add a few bar tables, you can serve a few snacks and the party will be much more interesting. But first you have to find a store that is going to provide the choices you are looking for.

If you do not want to waste too much time and you want to find the furniture store that will meet your demands, you can turn to the web for a solution. This is where you will find a wide range of stores that will have an entire collection of bar stools and tables so you can create the space you are looking for.

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After a Year, Government Rehab Program Still Exist? #FamilyLife

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Last November 8, 2014 was the first year of killer Typhoon Yolanda who ravaged the Visayas region especially Tacloban. Her fury for three days damaged lives, infrastructures, livelihood and other vital points for Filipinos in that area. The aftermath saw the major devastation which needs emergency funding came from the government.

The DSWD responsibility is to ensure that the survivors get the aid needed to build their new lives. Various private and humanitarian organizations helped meet the need for temporary shelter after Yolanda. A state auditors’ report, however, points out that foreign and local donations weren’t spent quickly enough to reach survivors during the most crucial time, shortly after the storm.

After a year of relief operation done by the Pinoy Administration, still Yolanda victims in Tacloban are disgusted by ways our national leaders treated them for their support. LGUs in the Yolanda-stricken areas should be consulted in the rehabilitation efforts since local officials know better what is good for their people than any other government agency. LGUs are not given enough roles in the rebuilding efforts. .

It’s a fact that government officials are slow in responding for emergency cases like this killer natural disaster. Most likely, they have experience in helping devastated Filipinos in the past. So, planning, coordination among government agencies and local officials, proper inventory and distribution of relief goods are crucial in ensuring that aid reaches the intended beneficiaries immediately.

How come that after a year, it seems that the Yolanda’s victims are not getting the support they need? Limited manpower and equipment hampered some aspects of the relief operations in Cebu. Why and how foreign and local cash donations were not immediately spent to help the survivors in the most crucial time of the relief operations?

They should have knowledge and take positive actions for the good of the victims. I think, the government must have thorough planning and execution of helping the citizens as early as possible. The resources are notably present in which they could enhance the living condition of the Yolanda victims.

The local officials of Tacloban are urging the national government to speed up the rehabilitation and renovation of the infrastructure especially the airport and thousands of houses.

Every now and then, when things get rough, public officials are into media-war each other for ways on how to get the funds. There are more “pinpointing fingers” than actually working it out as a team. What happened then for the people to rebuild? Their action gives them negative effect as public officials, and the job are totally incomplete.

When activities among concerned agencies are well coordinated and strategies in project implementation are improved, disaster funds will immediately cater to the purpose for which they are intended,” the auditor’s report read.

To avoid unnecessary delays in the relief operations, particularly in the delivery of relief goods and other forms of assistance to survivors: Officials should see to it that processing time for requests and release of funds in DSWD and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), respectively, for disaster-related activities is improved to better serve the needs of affected families; disaster preparedness of the local disaster risk-reduction and response operation offices and other staff involved in disaster operations should be strengthened, specifically those facilitating donations and warehouse management; adequate logistics and storage facilities should be available; and existing guidelines in the storage of relief goods should be enhanced, which shall provide for accountable, transparent, efficient, economical and effective relief operations.

To make sure that funds are immediately used to assist survivors of calamities, the implementing agencies must come up with a program of work for the efficient use of disaster funds.

In the middle of an emergency crisis, authorities cannot do away with the call for accountability and transparency. Necessary controls must still be in place to ease the process of monitoring and validation.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:ILONGGO AKO NOON...OFW AKO NGAYONand my other blog:OFW: THIS IS MY LIFE AND STORY Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

Apologizing Is Not An Option, It's A Sign Of Weakness #FamilyLife

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Traffic congestion’s a constant occurrence in every sector of Metro Manila especially in the main road at EDSA. Motorists are trying their very best to use this road as much as possible for easy route going to and fro with their daily jobs. Daily commuters are notably sacrificing everyday just to make ends meet, and this heavy traffic makes them more intolerant of being the nicest people in the world.

Thus, our transportation system along these many roads of Metro Manila are not capable of giving minimum service to the riding public because of mismanagement of our leaders. The Aquino Administration are trying their very best to give solutions to these problems, but they cannot decipher the immediate right application that could lessen the burden of the Filipino people especially in the cities like Metro Manila.

Why this present administration could not altogether plan and compose their resources, take long-term solutions to these problems and anticipate Philippine Development 5 to 10 years from now? There’s always the projection of whatever projects or actions they’ll going to make for the good of the present situation and in the future. Nevertheless, political leaders are equipped with brains and resources to do their government jobs, and why they could decipher the things that are needed in combatting the present crisis in transportation.

Look at what happened to MRT3 management done by DOTC and MRTC which resulted to a series of problems that the riding public is nowhere to depend upon of their fears in riding the MRT3 train system. In addition, the fiasco of the former MRT-3 General Manager Al S. Vitangcol III really conformed that the politically inclined people were doing their own monkey business besides the public contract that they’re working about. Still, train breakdowns are a constant occurrence in the MRT3 every now and then. What could be the core problems and solutions to these breakdowns? Is it the mismanagement of the government side or the strategic plan of MRTC?

Considering the truck ban imposed by Mayor Joseph Estrada, proved to be a popular initiative as the once snarled traffic in the city eased up and commuters were spared of the usual agony of enduring an hour for a two to three kilometer ride in a public transport.

Manila Mayor Estrada passed an ordinance without thinking of its consequences to its neighboring cities and the entire Metropolis. The transportation operators shouted foul for this kind of ordinance. Also, the truck ban that gave drivers, employees, employers and the business sector a headache. However, the ban reduced the delivery trips of cargo vans which carry commodities in and out of the Manila ports. The ports became congested from the backlog in undelivered and empty crates as the movement of trucks became limited.

Implementing something that did not improve the situation; that only make it worse, then change the plan. There's no wrong with trying another solution until it succeed.

The Pinoy Administration must have the power to intervene immediately to give solutions when worst comes to worst. They will act accordingly and provide the services that the Filipinos wanted them to do. In the first place, the Filipino people voted them to lead not to lame like a duck in the wilderness.

The government leader apologizing to the public on the mismanagement of the MRT3 and the traffic in the Metro Manila is a sign of weakness.

Therefore, these problems could be solved by acting immediate response and applying long-term solutions for the betterment of the Philippines in the next generation to come.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:ILONGGO AKO NOON...OFW AKO NGAYONand my other blog:OFW: THIS IS MY LIFE AND STORY Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

President Aquino Planning For Another Term, But Why? #FamilyLife

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President Aquino Planning For Another Term, But Why? #FamilyLife

In the past after the latest SONA of Pinoy, all of the sudden, re-election of him surfaced as other Presidential hopefuls were emerging like they wanted the highest political position of the land. It’s not new for Filipino political hopefuls to draw their desires even it’s too early for the next election 2017.

President Aquino’s term will end at 2016, and how could that be possible?

According to Erice, it is time to discuss the need to amend the political provisions of the Constitution especially on the lifting of terms of elective positions. He is pushing for Cha-cha because he believes that President Aquino deserves another term so he can continue enforcing reforms in the government.

Palace officials are giving contradicting statements on the real stand of President Benigno Aquino on the Cha-cha even after he expressed his agreement with the idea of term extension in a televised interview. Since he assumed the presidency, Aquino has opposed moves, including by his political allies, to amend the Charter, which proponents say are intended to remove obstacles to direct foreign ownership of businesses and resources.

Past administrations have also pushed for Charter change but these attempts have met with widespread opposition out of fears the real intention is to lift term limits to allow incumbent officials to hang on to their posts.

What if the Philippine Constitution should be changed according to the new generation with new development that’s really for the future of the Philippines? But the fact remains that majority of the politicians didn’t want to change some provisions in the Constitution, but why?

His 6 years term is enough for him that created controversial setbacks for his administration allowing him to fight back against his method of managing the system. Contrary to his never ending corruption fighter techniques, more political geniuses squabbled for him in return.

The 1987 Philippine Constitution was embodied to promulgate the Law of the Land and its territories. More so, the essence of democracy was integrated for the people of the Philippines in which everybody has the right to liberty and life.

If Charter Change could be the option for him to run for another term, what will be the most extreme political upheaval will follow?

If Pnoy will serve for another six years by amending the constitution, what happens to the next president who doesn’t end up performing according to our expectations? Give chance to other capable Filipino who could create better development reforms to the Philippines.

A good president knows which previous administration’s initiative should be continued and not blindly stop all projects because of vindictiveness. It’s a must for the President to study, decide and complete the previous programs of the past and mold into positive outcome to the people.

He managed to select people who ran the highest government offices with nothing new to offer according to the situation of the Filipino people. Thus, they brought vague system that caused their organizations to crumble.

The problem with being in power is that Pnoy begin to believe that he’s always correct. And a lone Filipino who could change the Philippine Government System with ease and courage; that no other Presidential hopefuls can carry the weight like him, like what he did to Corona, Napoles, Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada and even the master, Juan Ponce Enrile. Is this the positive sign of becoming a dictator?

His appointed government officials were gaining their vested interests through DAP in which hidden corruption were manufactured. Thus, this system was greatly unconstitutional and must be stopped. But the President was insistent that it’s good for the country’s development.

The question is why he’s planning this way, when in fact Mar Roxas could be his successor of his unfinished plans and endeavors? Or, whoever wins the upcoming election?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:ILONGGO AKO NOON...OFW AKO NGAYONand my other blog:OFW: THIS IS MY LIFE AND STORY Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

Tired of Being Uninspired in Your Life? #FamilyLife


Inspiration, Webster calls it a high level of activity or feeling that causes one to take action. In your life, right now, what would you call it? Your goals expectations, your online endeavors, your relationships with other online people or your career in real life – would you call them inspirational?

Can you easily push yourself and consistently get the results you want? Or are you spurred on to great achievement when you are near special people and places?

Many people find it very difficult to push themselves to great achievement by themselves. Most people need that outside source of encouragement. That encouragement could come in the form of words. It could be something that was said to you or something that you said to others that caused a major rumble in you or someone else’s life. Words can be powerful motivators. Think of a chance remark you made to a friend, something you put out of your mind immediately. The next thing you know, your friend is telling you about his latest accomplishment, and how you inspired it.

Our actions and words affect people in ways that we may never know. Yet it does take more than just words to inspire you to greater heights. It takes being around people who are doing what you want to be doing. You must surround yourself with people who excel at the things you want to excel in. Seek these people out, associate with them and learn from them.

Can you hear yourself now? “Why should I do that? I’ll eventually get to where I want to be. I can do what they do. I’ll do it on my own.”

Get rid of that foolish pride. It tells you that you don’t need anyone but yourself to accomplish your goals. When you refuse to learn from others, you close a big door to greater success and happiness. Without the positive influence of others, you may seek the level of comfort in life that doesn’t produce the great results you are capable of. Think back to a time when you were doing the same old strategies, the same old techniques, and the same old people who never level-up into the future. You had a level of comfort, but you made no progress.

Now, think back to the time that you, by chance, worked out with someone who was much knowledgeable in online marketing strategies, which had a great paycheck or great article views. What happened when you worked out with this person? Yes, right. You had a terrific views and money! You pushed yourself harder that you could have by yourself. You grow, not only physically but in online marketing too. You do this whenever you put yourself near the people who can inspire you and in the environment that is a fertile soil for positive growth.

However, be prepared, when it comes to finding the best community online. Choose the community that could push you up by learning with them. The truly inspirational people have been where you are right now. They didn’t start at the top. They asked many questions of others who excelled at what they wanted to do. They observed and they kept an open mind about how they could use and apply the lessons they learned.

When you seek out those people who are making things happen with their lives, you are actually seeking to become one of them. You are beginning to do what it takes for you to eventually become an inspiration to others. When you are around those who can inspire you, you begin to reach down deep inside of you to achieve the things you want. That maybe a professional online marketing analyst, advancement in your status and becoming more stable in terms of income. Being near the right people can and will make it happen for you.

Make a statement with your life! The people you admire have all made statements with their lives. You can do the same. In whatever you do, put your best to the test.

Now is the time to level-up what you are doing and be confident.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:ILONGGO AKO NOON...OFW AKO NGAYONand my other blog:OFW: THIS IS MY LIFE AND STORY Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

The Best Gifts That You Can Order for Your Dear Ones #FamilyLife

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Dpetals Singapore. Are you looking for florist online in Singapore to get condolence wreaths? is the most trusted name among all Online and retail Florists for flowers of all occasions. Log on to DPetals to see the wide collection and designer bouquet of flowers and get flowers delivery in Singapore.

The Best Gifts That You Can Order for Your Dear Ones

Sometimes, you might spend hours to decide on a gift to send to your dear ones. When it is to make a special day memorable, you might be even more confused. Whenever you give someone a gift, it will bring a smile on his or her face. This is one of the greatest reasons why gifts are exchanged on special occasions. Festivals and special occasions are opportunities to pull people out of the gloomy atmosphere, where daily schedules take the control all the time. Hence, make sure that you give your dear ones the best gifts whenever possible. There are different types of gifts that can be given to your dear ones. Let us take a look at few categories.

Quick-to-pick gifts

There are plenty of gift items that can be given to someone without any second thoughts. Chocolates and flowers are good gifts that can be sent to your loved ones irrespective of the occasions. If you want to send a gift to your love interest, you can check out a florist online and send a fresh bunch of roses. Your special friend will definitely feel happy when flowers are sent because it is considered one of the most popular symbols of love. If you are in Singapore, your task will be even easier. All you have to do is search florist services in Singapore and place your orders. Some of the florists also offer chocolates and gift hampers along with the flowers. This will definitely make the flowers a sweeter gift.

There are many other quick-to-pick gifts available today through various gift stores both online and offline. All you need to do is check out an online flower shop or a gift gallery to make your selections with ease.

Thoughtful gifts

If you want to send a great gift to your dear ones, you should spend some time to select one. You should consider the interests of the person to whom you are planning to send the gift in order to make a wise choice. You can also try to figure out what that person needs the most at that period of time and choose a gift accordingly. If the person is young and loves to read a lot, gifting a special edition from one of his or her favorite authors would be a great idea. If you are planning to buy a gift to a little one, it is always better to buy something that the kid will remember for the rest of their lives. Toys and chocolates are good options but might not be remembered after a period of time. If you think that the little one has a flair for music, gift him or her with a musical instrument and the moment will be cherished forever. A costly pen would be received with delight by a person who loves to write. Similarly, you can choose the gifts if you take a look at the person's needs.

You need to consider the age of the person, the likes, dislikes, and the needs in order to choose a good gift that will be remembered for long.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:ILONGGO AKO NOON...OFW AKO NGAYONand my other blog:OFW: THIS IS MY LIFE AND STORY Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

3 Tips to Seduce Women and Have Them Love You For It #FamilyLife


Steven Jones invites you learn more about the expert strategies of meeting women, creating instant chemistry and intense attraction with women by visiting Attract Your Woman and visit Article City

3 Tips to Seduce Women and Have Them Love You For It

Simply the idea of seducing women might cause the majority of men feel uncomfortable, or even scared. Perhaps you could be feeling the same. Are you experiencing trouble searching for the class of woman you find appealing? In order to be triumphant with women you should learn these incredibly effortless seduction tips for men. But, understand this, it will be your choiceto go to workon these strategies.

Number one Tip: Present Yourself as greater than 'average.'

You by no means need to be classified in the role of the 'average male.' It is important for you to comprehend this strategy in order to seduce women. If you are concentrated on attracting women with little effort, then you should place yourself in the role of a man who is considerably beyond average.

Also, dwell of the man you would prefer to become, and grow to be that man. To put it one more way, dress yourself in the style of clothes that will make you feel self-confident and will impress women; you must be concerned about your appearance and aspire to look groomed. Women will be quite impressed by this. An additional strategy to catch the attention of women will be to display yourself as a man with flair - in order to achieve this, you ought to be polite, courteous and well-mannered. By doing this, women will not just be impressed but they will additionally be extra comfortable and willing to satisfy your desires, even inside the bedroom. A excellent tip would furthermore be for you to take a look at a few of the actors on television or in the big screen; notice these men not merely by their outward outer shell, but notice how they carry themselves, notice what style of clothing they wear, notice how they deal with women. I wouldn't advise choosing the largely formulaic person; as a substitute, search for the class of person that you would choose to grow to be.

These seduction tips for men, with the addition of a a small number of others, will be of enormous application to you by preparing you to develop into a very charismatic, assertive person who will effortlessly catch the attention of women.

Second Tip: Be Romantic

In your journey for valuable seduction tips for men, you ought to furthermore produce the effort to create romance. The majority of women will certainly recognize the value of this, and this will take you one step further to your goal. You must try bringing her flowers, maybe cooking her dinner or taking her for a night out on the town. Women find these plain things to be very romantic, and this will without doubt make things easier to you to move a step further.

By creating romance, women will find it easier to open up to you. This is a excellent sign. This is truly one of the largely valuable seduction tips for men. To take things a step more, you may possibly acquire a bottle of wine (don't think you need to purchase expensive wine), maybe put on selected romantic song and, if you are comfortable dancing, you can ask her to dance with you. By dancing with a woman, this will allow you to create a added intimate connection.

Third Tip: Prove to Her That You are Interested

Yet an added way to effectively seduce women would be to demonstrate an attraction in her and show off an fascination in what she has to say. Although you might hold one goal in mind, it is significant to show her that you are interested in her as a person. Be certain to grant her every chance to speak while you can practice your listening skills. The majority women will be quite comfortable doing a little of the chatting, and this will make them feel valuable. If she is enjoying herself and she becomes more comfortable, at that moment it will be a whole lot easier to move her into bed with you.

Subsequent to following these seduction tips for men you will guarantee incredible results. These strategies will work out with every woman and in every type of circumstance.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:ILONGGO AKO NOON...OFW AKO NGAYONand my other blog:OFW: THIS IS MY LIFE AND STORY Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

The True Definition of Work? #FamilyLife


Work is as natural as play or rest and protects man from boredom and vice. There is a strong impression that people dislike work and they always try their best to avoid it. It is vehemently asserted that people are naturally lazy. But that is not so; work is a natural activity. Everybody needs to do some work. The reason is very simple. The human body is an organic system which converts inputs of food, water and air into outputs of behavior. Work is the most important form of such behavior. The human body generates a certain amount of energy, physical and mental, for which work is the best outlet. In the absence of work a human being will atrophy. A noted author has said: “You ask…why I go on working. I go on working for the same reason a hen’s goes on laying eggs.” Work can be a pleasure, an energizing activity. It recharges the human body and mind.

Man is endowed with many faculties. He can think. He can learn and store knowledge. He possesses imagination. He wants to understand himself. He wants to communicate with the outside world. He wants to be creative. He wants to achieve the impossible.
Work gives man an opportunity for self-understanding, self-expression and self-development. Suppose a man is writing a report. As he proceeds, he gets to know his limitations: so he understands himself better. His thinking and writing is a matter of self-expression. And this exercise gives him an opportunity to develop his talent.

Work is like a mirror in which one can see one’s real self very clearly. When an individual is working vigorously, it is clear indication of his physical and mental health. Work in fact sums up the past of the individual, his habits, his ability to concentrate, his educational and cultural background, his motivation and his values. Work provides the individual with an objective scale for assessing his progress and self-development. For instance if a worker is not well, if he is a habitual late-comer, if he is not well-trained, his performance will be poor. His work therefore reflects all these factors. He can, if he so desires, improve himself. His work again will show how much progress he has made. Therefore, an individual should be as interested in his work as he is in his health and his well-being.

Work protects man from boredom and vice. Work is an essential as air, water and food. When a man is without work he is bored and boredom is the cruelest punishment that can be imposed on anyone. Boredom destroys a person physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a silent but soul-killing form of torture. Generally, a person who has no work tries to escape boredom by engaging in other activities such as gambling or becoming addicted to drugs and liquor. He may become quarrelsome and destructive.

Even an ordinary worker who takes his daily work seriously attains some measure of contentment and peace of mind. He is self-disciplined. He develops good habits. He is regular and does not overspend. On the contrary, a worker who neglects his work is bored, undisciplined and develops various vices. He is denying himself one of the essentials of good life – work which will utilize his time and energy meaningfully.

Ever wonder why work is very vital all along with our lives?

When and How to Plan a Family #FamilyLife


When and How to Plan a Family

Planning a family basically means figuring out when you want children, how many you want, and how long you choose to wait between pregnancies. It is always recommended that you discuss these things before marriage. It is going to be a major sticking point in a relationship if you want four children and your partner’s idea of family is a parakeet.

When to have a family is also important. If you are in your twenties or early thirties and wish to have children, you have several years for doing so. If you are in your late thirties or older, having children may be an immediate priority. This is true for both men and women. Although most men are physically capable of fathering children throughout their lives, they should be young enough to participate actively in the raising of the children. If you father a child when you are 51 years old, you will be 72 when the child graduates from college. This is something to consider when you make the decision to become a parent.

Any plan should leave room for flexibility. Priorities and situations may change during the course of a relationship. Both partners should be aware of this possibility and be flexible to the shifting situations.

Almost no couple expects problems with fertility or conception when they plan a family. Yet approximately 10 percent of all couples have enough difficulty conceiving that they require fertility testing or treatment.

For those whom infertility is not an issue, planning pregnancies involves decisions about birth control and spacing of pregnancies.

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