The Hocus-Pocus at NAIA Versus The Filipino People #FamilyLife

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The Hocus-Pocus at NAIA #FamilyLife

With the Aquino Administration nearing its end, lots of inconsistencies are evolving overtime. It has emerged from his managing, transparency and corruption but deep inside the Filipino people are suffering from within.

Let’s not forget that Pnoy Administration had nothing to offer immediate action when times call for it. The slow action proved that the government must attend to all facets of the Philippine society by their strong will to eliminate the bad elements.

The “laglag bala” scheme by the airport personnel caused the Philippine government another problem to solve and going it through the authorities concerned. More incidents are adding every other day because of this matter.

The Presidential aspirant of Pnoy Administration, Mar Roxas condemned the people behind this scheme. He even thought that there were political agenda behind this “laglag bala” because of the APEC Summit meeting. His remarks when interviewed by the media did not sit well with the Filipinos who were tired of hearing about the so-called ‘laglag-bala’ scam. Mar Roxas said those passengers caught carrying bullets inside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) have to take responsibility for their actions.

Again, the Senate who are carried by the scam, proposed a tighter management control at the NAIA airport while Miriam Defensor Santiago is set to file a bill that seeks to amend Republic Act (RA) 10591 or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act. The resolution increases the penalty against planting evidence, if committed by a private individual. A person found guilty of inserting, placing or attaching a bullet or a firearm with the intent of incriminating another, may be punished by imprisonment for up to 20 years.

It’s really good for the Filipinos; be it ordinary people or political persona that awareness for this issue must be addressed at once. The Aquino Administration must also extend other means to eradicate this problem before it cause to the higher level.

The NBI authorities are doing their job well, but short of excellent system to comprehend the “laglag bala” scheme at the airport or any political propaganda done by the enemies of the present administration.

Likewise, the tenor of the issue got off-hand when OFWs readily denounced the government for not taking immediate action. More and more incidents are surfacing overtime. Starting from the beginning up to now, the government has nowhere to be trusted when it comes to this kind of issue. Their pronouncements to the media in defending this case only heightened the core of the problem and brought another new problem for them.

The trusted government leaders of Pnoy Administration couldn’t give much alternative to every problem they encountered like DOTC Secretary Abaya, DSWD dinky Soliman and NAIA Manager Jose Hinrado. Their services are not match for the present problems that the government’s facing, that immediate solutions are out of sight.

The law must punish those who, in the guise of upholding peace and order, abuse the law to prey on the innocent, whether these offenders are public officers or private citizens. This point to the present personnel of the airport of course and other bad people who tried disrupt the system of NAIA. Other forms of wrong-doing done by the NAIA personnel must be fined with greater aspect in the Philippine Law.

A House Of The Filipino Family #FamilyLife

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A House Of The Filipino Family #FamilyLife

Condominiums have become one of the most popular and in-demand residential Philippines properties for sale []. Townhouses, though popular, have now been widely replaced by condominiums. Although the condominium industry have significantly gained popularity in the Philippine market, particularly because of the many benefits that these types of houses promises, many Filipinos would still want to buy a house of their own.

Houses are the basic type of housing in the Philippines, and many other countries around the world. Although condominiums have gained significant popularity among many Filipinos, particularly in Metro Manila, and though many Filipinos have moved to living in a condo unit, many of these Filipinos still aims to buy their own house, particularly for their family.

A house of the Filipino family

According to many experts, the reason why Filipinos still opts to buy a house of their own is because houses are far more family-oriented than many other types of housing. This is because houses are usually bigger than condo units or apartment units (building), yet more affordable than these types of housing, particularly with townhouses.

Another is its location. Compared condominiums, which are mostly found in a busy commercial and business district, houses are found in a more quieter and peaceful place, such as in the suburbs, housing communities, and subdivisions. According to many Filipinos, these locations are perfect for growing children, and not in the heart of a busy street.

However, what made houses a very popular Philippines properties for sale is because of its affordability. Although houses sold in Manila are mostly expensive, houses in neighboring cities such as Caloocan and in most part of Quezon City are known for its affordability. According to many Filipinos, the price of a single condo unit in Makati City could allow them to buy a two story house in Caloocan or Quezon City, with more capital to spare.
Although houses are known for such advantages, particularly its benefits for the Filipino family, condominiums have steadily moved from being a unit to a more family-oriented house.

Why condominiums became popular

Compared to condominiums in the past, which are basically more like a type of bachelor style apartment (though larger), many new condominiums have been introduced in the Philippines which are known to provide the same sense of lifestyle that many Filipinos have grown accustomed with. These new types of condominiums are called condominium complexes.

Condominium complexes are types of condominiums commonly found in a much peaceful place compared to condominiums in the city. These types of Philippines properties for sale can provide the same type of environment that houses are known for. These types of condominiums are also complete with facilities that children and families could enjoy such as swimming pools, gyms, and recreational areas such as parks and playgrounds.

Though not as affordable as houses nor as large, condominium complexes became popular because of the luxury it gives to its residents as well as its environment perfect for a growing family.

Source: Deirdre Gonzales.For more information visit to the site at

SONA 2015 of President Aquino, Positive Reporting Only? #FamilyLife

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SONA 2015 of President Aquino, Positive Reporting Only? #FamilyLife

It’s really very much alive when the last SONA 2015 of President Benigno Aquino III was delivered because of its essence in Filipino culture and development. His first sentence, "My bosses, this is the story of our journey along the Straight Path." It’s like the beginning of a story wherein he wanted all Filipinos to listen very carefully with all ears.

Before he began his administration, he recalled the issues of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (PGMA) administration that were inherited to him before his term in 2010 such as 'Hello Garci' scandal, ZTE-NBN deal, MRT3, MWSS bonus, Maguindanao massacre, and NFA anomalies. “The moment we assumed the presidency, we began to unearth anomaly after anomaly.”

Truly, he groped his prowess to maintain the anomaly done by PGMA which he could not enjoined some for a long time. Some sectors were failed to “jumped-up” like the Metro Rail System in Metro Manila. The DOTC Chairman Jun Abaya cannot fathom the problems that MRT3 brought to him. It reflects the whole governance that Jun Abaya had done short in the eyes of the Pnoy Administration. The failed bidding was shortly prepared by its DOTC counterpart that made it more unreachable for them to solve the issues. It caused traffic jams along the EDSA and the riding public was totally disappointed.

This is the MRT3 woes brought about by private contractor. At present, additional trains and rehabilitation program for escalators are underway.

Of course, the president boasts his accomplishments in fighting corruption and poverty under his "Daang Matuwid" campaign and trumpeted economic gains. The reforms were enormously opened up to the public with such vigour. “Corruption was the root of our people's suffering. Our battlecry: where there is no corruption, there will be no poverty," Aquino said.

Thus, the willingness of Pnoy Administration to create positively the things that matter to them most; but, with that, opposition started to counter-attack with all their might to put him down. Left and right opposed or filed cases for his slow decision-making of his administration. Lots of failures were not being reported at the SONA that needs immediate solutions.

The agriculture sector has never been developing fully by his administration, that the farmers were truly disappointed for their fate. It made them hate him more than ever. The same is true with the SAF 44 thing.

The Aquino Administration got the positive response for the yearly revenues brought about by the business sector. He stressed the sacrificed of those who helped the economy, one way or the other.

Election 2016 is fast approaching and he prayed that the next President could carry his endeavour for our country, the Philippines.

The Drama of Oplan Exodus Fact-Finding Team #FamilyLife

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The world watched as multiple “fact-finding” and “independent” probes ended shamelessly with a whitewash of Pnoy’s glaring culpability.
But will Alan Purisima and Getulio Napenas now be charged and jailed?

The speculations of many Filipinos were satisfied temporarily with the Board of Inquiry (BOI) final report which made them the first fact-finding authority to divulge the incident. But it made another doubts to the “Doubting Thomases of Philippine Politics” that Pnoy really deviate the Oplan Exodus to military blunder. It’s with this report that Oplan Exodus was not totally planned and executed with lots of flaws in coordination on the side of the military leaders on the ground.

While the nation awaits true justice for SAF 44,President Pnoy’s moro-moro with the MILF and his all-out war with the BIFF are surely dooming the prospect for true and lasting peace in Mindanao. For its defence, the MILF claims “misencounter” that lasted eight hours or so. Some say 12 hours.

The real drama of Philippine military operation in Mamasapano revealed much desire for the political opposition to unite their true intention in coming election 2016. They made this incident truly a “virus” that’s eating-up the Pnoy Administration into escalating negatives about the President. Moreover, even the ordinary Filipinos resulted to believe that the Pnoy Governance a dwindling rapidly. Even the trust rating of the President lowered continuously.

Media people were among the first to divulge other video files from their source against the government media coverage. These daily news resulted to chaos in the mind of the Filipino people, not knowing what’s the truth behind this Mamasapano incident.
The Senate-hearing draft committee report condoned the military shortfall and the people involved must answer it all. It reached the final point wherein Pnoy must come-out to apologize to the Filipino people and tell the truth. They are still on the process to finalize every angle of the report.

The on-going drama of Pnoy Administration’s still rearing for another backlash from the media, opposition, and other Filipino citizens who never trust the President because of the Mamasapano incident .

They made their sides at all cost but never imagine the side of the military leaders who tried their best to eliminate the negative elements in our society and because they could not turn their back on the people, who are fed up with Pnoy’s repeated lies and arrogance in denying his culpability.

No amount of propaganda by the political opposition will sell anymore. Their vested interests to replace President Pnoy and the money involve in governance and the power to create negative in the Philippine politics like in the past. But the President had done the scraping of some political personalities in the arena. Still, some Filipinos looks like Pnoy is decided to subject the Filipino people what he simply does best—no corruptions in the government to the very end.

The Truth About Oplan Exodus Versus The Bangsamoro Basic Law #FamilyLife

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With more confidential military subjects are being taken by the Board of Inquiry by the Senate hearing, more complications pop up to be discussed. It’s really best to put forward questions that could help find solutions in different angles. The most valuable things the Senate could employ the true meaning of peace and order.

The fact remains that Philippine Military System and Operation needs more than just cooperation but the development it needs to face the stability of our country in the future. We really need them for our way of living inside the Philippine Territory. Any disturbances, damages, and threats to our peace can be eradicated and terminated. The same is true with the people in Mindanao.

The BBL is the government way to alleviate the dilapidated situation in whole areas in Mindanao. It’s the perennial problem that besets our beloved country in terms for peace and governance. Ever since in the past, many brave military people are serving our country gave their lives for the sake of peace.

Military operations in Mindanao are more complicated than any ordinary Filipino citizens can fathom. The areas in Mindanao with much government rebels are the target of our government military men and women. Until such time that peace-loving people wanted so much.

The military missions to deal with these bad elements are the sole responsibility of our military force. The “Wolverine” is one of the missions of our PNP-SAF intended for Marwan, an international terrorist hiding in the Philippines. Until such time that his rebel activities are critical to the nation’s peace and order.

The MILF which is in peace negotiation with the government through the Bangsamoro Basic Law is not totally devoid with their activities in Mindanao region until such time for full implementation of the new law approved by the Senate.

The Senate started its public hearing on what really happened on January 25 in the town of Mamasapano in Maguindanao where 44 members of the elite Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) were killed in action while on a mission to capture two most wanted terrorist bombers. The Filipino nation will hopefully get to know unvarnished truth from first-hand accounts of people directly involved in the police operation that sadly turned tragic. But long before this Senate “inquiry in aid of legislation” comes into play, President Benigno “Noy” Aquino III told the Filipino nation he has done already his own preliminary investigation what went wrong in this SAF operation.

The incident took its toll when military leaders are giving their testimonies in a fashion of what they already perceived and confirmed as the truth. Are they telling the truth or there’s another story behind?

The whole nation are monitoring for this recent circus of President Aquino’s Administration. Even he, as Commander-in-Chief was making TV appearances to relay to all Filipinos the status of our country. The emotions that engulfed to the families of the 44 brave military men are still spreading like virus. The awakening of such Mamasapano incident is truly embodied to make our leaders see the mistakes. The investigation of the Senate hearing can divulged much for the coming days.

Chaos Theory Versus The Fallen 44 Incident #FamilyLife


At the onset of the Fallen 44, more angles of the incident are spreading like wildfire. Sentiments of Filipino nation are engulfed with hatred, finger-pointing and even quoting sentences to paragraphs which molded the “Chaos Theory” into a bigger scene.

Chaos theory: The crazier the incident at Mamasapano the more angles are being dug up. Pinpointing is one of its main elements. Seeking the truth is another. Feelings is just another. The more participants to be involved, the more angles are spreading in all directions. The solution’s vague.

All sorts of media including millions of social media users are among the elements that put forward for this theory to succeed. Ordinary citizens too, are another angle that made this news to widen in untimely manner.

Filipinos showed their feelings to the Fallen 44 because that’s part of its characteristic of being Filipino. Their feelings showed but their minds are overcome by what they felt about it while others, showed sentiments by not thinking the legal complications of the military operations.

President Aquino was the center of people’s sentiments at the onset of this Fallen 44. Likewise, he has been judged negatively and personally criticized by the majority. This is the biggest hole of his leadership before election 2016. His Administration are still changing the face of political system especially corruptions in the government.

According to Wikipedia; a military operation is the coordinated military actions of a state in response to a developing situation. These actions are designed as a military plan to resolve the situation in the state's favor. Operations may be of a combat or non-combat nature and are referred to by a code name for the purpose of security. Military operations are often known for their more generally accepted common usage names than their actual operational objectives.

“Parallel to and reflecting this framework for operations are organized elements within the armed forces which prepare for and conduct operations at various levels of war. While there is a general correlation between the size of units, the area within which they operate, and the scope of mission they perform, the correlation is not absolute. In fact, it is ultimately the mission that a unit performs that determines the level of war within which it operates.”—David M. Glantz, Soviet Military Operational Art.

Types of military operations

Military operations can be classified by the scale and scope of force employment, and their impact on the wider conflict. The scope of military operations can be:

Theater: this describes an operation over a large, often continental, area of operation and represents a strategic national commitment to the conflict, such as Operation Barbarossa, with general goals that encompass areas of consideration outside of the military, such as the economic and political impact.

Campaign: this describes either a subset of the theatre of operation, or a more limited geographic and operational strategic commitment, such as the Battle of Britain, and need not represent total national commitment to a conflict, or have broader goals outside of the military impact.

Battle: this describes a subset of a campaign that will have specific military goals and geographic objectives, as well as clearly defined use of forces.

Engagement: this describes a tactical combat event or contest for a specific area or objective by actions of distinct units.

Strike: this describes a single attack, upon a specified target. This often forms part of a broader engagement. Strikes have an explicit goal, such as rendering facilities such as airports inoperable, assassinating enemy leaders, or limiting the delivery of supplies to enemy troops.

The Fallen 44 had done their share in doing their jobs to our country. Eliminating international terrorists are the mission of SAF, in which at the vicinity of BIFF and MILF. Any ordinary person can immediately understand why these fugitives are in the area of MILF who have an ongoing peace talks with the government.

To hasten the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) now is to kill the prospects for truth and justice for the Fallen 44. It’s should be solved by the parties involve first. This should be studied first before resuming its finality. A people betrayed have lost their dignity because betrayal is an affront to dignity. That dignity must first be restored in the only way possible—accountability. Time and again, the MILF leader cannot discipline his men under him, what more under this new law for them?

The government has to form the Truth Commission to investigate the incident and hold back for the finality of BBL until justice is served.

While we anticipate for the result, better that Filipino people must remain calm and not adding fire to the chaos. Even the media people must refrain from adding their own investigative reports as much as possible. They have to coordinate with the Truth Commission for proper disposal to the people.

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