See What Some People Do To Care For Their Happy Family Life #FamilyLife


See What Some People Do To Care For Their Happy Family Life

Bodily touch and intimacy

Physical touching is of utmost value within the relation and is to be delighted for as long as possible. God created physical bodies with billions of contact receptors throughout the epidermis to receive love in the contact. Sleeping skin to skin creates quite pleasant rest. Consequently those going to bed in pajamas or other attire miss all amazing sensations from the stream of metaphysical energy between the two bodies. However, there is one thing necessary to enjoy bodily contact: all needs to be natural, God made. Any usage of make-ups, essences or deodorants wipes out natural scent and smell of human body and must be avoided. If one of the lovers has any epidermis troubles, which trigger bad body scent, he or she should right away take all required actions to restore natural aroma in the body. Beneficial in such case can be vegetarian diet plus more outside actions until the cause is fully gone.

Performing things together

Performing things jointly is an additional straightforward factor to achieve satisfied family living. As physical contact is essential part of romantic life, physical presence of a loving partner also provides considerable substance in daily living.

The clear positive aspects from this are:

- things are getting carried out faster and easier having a loving assistant;
- the presence of such helper is definitely motivating;
- an additional viewpoint offers even bigger chance for the best option.

Start with a thing as simple as meal preparation. This is exciting task and can deliver lots of joy for the whole family. Each cook places their own love component to the food taste. Then move ahead toward a lot more challenging tasks, like enhancements and fixes at home, where man does all weighty work, needless to say. Doing things together is applicable for the whole household and should there be small children in the family, they must be permitted to add their part, as youngsters are usually willing and happy to assist. The best scenario for all would be to have family business and home at one place.

Honeymoon vacation

All people know how important the correct treatment for all equipment is. Happy living also needs routine maintenance - honeymoon. It is appropriate specifically for all occupied city people, working in nerve racking and contaminated environment, away from nature. Honeymoon vacation is a great instrument for rejuvenating and re-building happy life and it is proposed to be used frequently. Dependent on the budget and tastes, honeymoon location could be spectacular isle, remote location in the wild or any place in the nature. The location has to be one thing two lovers fully agree with, but to have true sweet-love time it should be far from crowds and advertised tourist attractions. Before starting your honeymoon, be sure that you have cared for all possible distractions: put away watches, cell phones, notebooks or other gadgets; forget about engagements and agendas; forget TV and magazines. Then it is time for dancing, singing, playing, offering nice massage, taking pleasure in everything you could have skipped previously.

In addition, honeymoon is the correct time to clear up all unsaid or concealed in the past, when there is such between two partners. Set a common and truthful goal in life and commit to each other to make it happen side by side in bad and good periods. Naturally, the very best honeymoon vacation would be when it is combined with spiritual retreat to speed up your spiritual advancement, simply because God ought to be part of your life. Happy life is just beyond question without God, since God is the source of all Love and bliss.


  1. Bodily touch and intimacy and Performing things together are the two factors for a healthy and happly family relationship.

  2. Intimacy is important to feel the warmth and comfort of a family and spending time together helps in strengthening relationships.

  3. For healthy relationships - doing things together and communication is a must.

  4. For healthy relationships - doing things together and communication is a must.

  5. It is important to take time and do the work needed to have a happy home life. It is good for each individual person and for the family as a whole.

  6. It's been eleven years since we had our honeymoon, hubby and I need a new one hehehe.

  7. I love cuddling, hugging and kissing my kids and hubby. We also say i love you daily and do things together. It sure is makes marriage and family happy.


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