Marriage Breakdown: What Causes Them? #FamilyLife


Marriage Breakdown: What Causes Them?

You've seen it before, a marriage breakdown. It may not have even been you, but maybe you're parents, or a friend's parents. Perhaps even a friend and their spouse. But no matter where you've seen a marriage breakdown, you will decide at that point it's something you will never hope to experience for yourself.

Though a couple who is happy a lot of the time, may have a lot easier time working through marriage breakdown problems. It's a lot harder to want to quite a relationship in which you are always happen, with little down time. Or would you more quickly give up a marriage where you were always fighting? The answer is obvious in those two questions.

If it was your parents, you may have found out many of the problems that caused the marriage breakdown. But it's pretty hard not too as your listening to them yell most of the time around you. As a child there isn't much that you can do to help out, but just sit and hope your parents will make it through these times.

Money can cause a marriage breakdown too. In the economy many people lost their jobs or had hours cut. This created many problems in couples who were use to a certain income level. NO longer was the same amount coming in so at times the other spouse would need to take on another job, creating a tension that wouldn't have been there before.

Sex is another huge cause of marriage breakdown. It may just be because one of the partners is not feeling as amorous as normal. But when *** begins to lessen it's hard for either spouse to feel that it's caused by anything besides a lack of interest in the specific person. Perhaps a problem that shouldn't be that difficult to figure out, but with the hurt feelings it becomes a much bigger problem.

Perhaps when we begin to notice marriage breakdown it should be the point where you step up to your spouse and talk. Communication is such a huge part of any relationship, if you have this tool, you can work through anything. But once that communication has begun to wane you notice that marriage breakdown will occur more frequently.

Working through a problem with your loving spouse no matter what has caused it is something we all want to accomplish. But at the points in our lives that these problems happen we may not feel like fighting. That's when this marriage breakdown will end up as a divorce.

Finally, though we all know that marriage is hard work, it's still hard at times to push ourselves to work past certain problems. Cheating is one of the hardest things to overcome in marriage breakdown. It takes a very special person to be able to look past this and be willing to work with their spouse. Lack of trust will no doubt continue though.


  1. this ios a good read especially to those newly weds and those who are in their gf/bf stage. i honestly think that communication is vital in building relationships so it really matters, not just the content but the way it is delivered too:)

  2. Marriage can have many problems, but I think they can be solved if the couple wants to---and marriage breakdowns can be avoided. That is my opinion on this :)

  3. and i just want to add that marriage also needs to be planned like anything else, especially when the couple wish to have children.

  4. I have my fair share of marriage breakdown and it is caused by so many different factors but mainly stress. Nevertheless, my husband and I are still working out are differences and somewhat learning from it. Marriage breakdown is sometimes good because it will keep your marriage stronger.

  5. I agree that financial problems can be a factor in marriage breakdowns. As one motivational speaker had quoted "LACK of money is the root of all evil." :)

    1. Yeah but a lot of money is the root of all evil as well.

  6. I feel bad to those Hollywood celebrity married couples who broke up, I guess fairy tale and happy ending don't really exist. :((

  7. Marriage is something that needs constant adjustment to work harmoniously and also much understanding and concern.

  8. My say, communication is a vital ingredient to support a strong marriage.

  9. Carl: Marriage and Beyond, what's lies after?

    It's hard to say. This is not a hot rice which you can spit if you got paso

  10. I have known a lot of couples who failed with their marriage because of financial issue. In my parents marriage, despite the presence of this matter they are still fighting over marriage and in fact they are getting stronger as they get older. Thanks to God!

  11. Being married, it's a lot of challenges but you just remember it also makes your relationship stronger once you surpass all of it.

  12. I think constant communication is important to make a marriage work.

  13. I am giving God and the Lord Jesus all the glory for my strong and happy marriage. Even my hubby is seldom home and we don't get to spend a lot of time together but there is peace, love, friendship, respect, trust and a good communication between us. It is what the Lord installed in our hearts and mind


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